Kristof Zyskowski, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Krzysztof Zyskowski)
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Ph.D. 2000, University of Kansas. Advisor: Richard O. Prum.
M.Sc. 1993, University of Arkansas. Advisor: Thomas E. Martin.
B.Sc. 1989, Uniwersytet Gdanski, Poland. Advisor: Czeslaw Nitecki.


Research Interests

I study patterns of evolution, adaptation and diversification of avian nests, with the focus on suboscine passerines. I am also interested in avian phylogenetics, taxonomy and Neotropical biogeography. In my home country of Poland, I surveyed and ringed breeding birds in the Masurian Lakes region, collected nest data for the Polish Nest Record Scheme, and studied shorebird and passerine migration on the Baltic Sea coast. As a master’s student, I studied how microclimate affects nest placement, orientation and structure in parulid warblers on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. My doctoral research focused on nest architecture of Neotropical ovenbirds (Furnariidae) and the use of nest characters in phylogenetic reconstruction. Since January 2001, my duties involve curation and management of vertebrate collections at the Yale Peabody Museum. I conduct avifaunal surveys and collecting expeditions to poorly studied tropical regions and continue my nest studies.