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Research Spotlights

Specimen Spotlights

Specimen Spotlight: Cuneiform Tablet
Specimen Spotlight: Fossil Squid


Snapping Turtle Rescue on Yale's West Campus

Excavation in Progress

Video file

Excavation of the Mazinga 1 field site. Focus moves from Ian Nkosi (Mzimba community) to Hannah Keller (PhD student at Yale University), cuts to Davie Mwandira (Mzimba community) with University of Malawi students in background, then to Bacara Spruit (PhD student at University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), then to Babaloa Jacobs (recent graduate from University of Ibadan, Nigeria). Videography: Jessica Thompson


Journey of the Peabody Fossils

Video Tours

Guided Tour of "The Age of Reptiles" Mural

2022 MLK Celebration

Supporting Black Youth in Crisis
Community Conversation: Standing on Their Shoulders
New Haven Museum Family Programming
Z Experience Poetry Jam
Frozen Frogs and Climate Change
Environmental Justice: Exploring Race, Place & Spirituality

¡Fiesta Latina! 2021

Bomba! Music of Resistance - ¡Bomba! Música de resistencia
Instructions for Making Your Barriles de Bomba
Invertebrate Zoology Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Adventures & Careers in Conservation
Taíno Culture with Jorge Estévez & Brooke Mealey
Gather New Haven Farm Tour
Cooking Demonstration with Chef Sil
¡Celebramos Bomba! with Movimiento Cultural

Science Café