Upcoming Events & Programs

September 2022

Wednesday, September 28

  • 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


    From Bones to Habitats

    Where did we evolve? How did the environment affect our evolution? How do we know? What does this mean for our future? Join Dr. Denise Su as she answers these questions and takes us on a journey to our past and a glimpse into our future. Dr. Denise Su engaged in field research at the Laetoli archaeological site, Tanzania… Watch Live Presented by the Department of Anthropology & Yale Peabody Museum. Talks in the Anthropology Department Chair’s Colloquium Series, held once a semester, feature scholars whose research is of broad interest in and beyond Anthropology. Invited speakers for these…

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  • Adult Program

    Natural Science Illustration Program

    Currently in its 10th successful year, the Yale Peabody Museum’s Natural Science Illustration Program provides opportunities to learn a wide range of art techniques focusing on nature and natural science illustration. Whether you are a beginner or professional, our skilled…

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Each year, the Peabody Museum hosts a number of signature events, festivals, and special days for children, families, and the greater New Haven community.  Through partnerships with community leaders, Yale groups and local organizations, we are able to bring enjoyable and educational programming to thousands of people.  Scroll down to learn more–and help us make more memories in the coming years!