The Peabody Museum has been part of Yale and New Haven for more than 150 years. In the 19th century it was the science startup of its day.

We are pleased to announce a major renovation that will reinvent the Peabody for the 21st century and beyond, further establishing the Museum as a home for cutting-edge research, extraordinary education, and breathtaking exhibitions.

We invite you to explore and experience this incredible transformation with us.

Strategic Priorities for Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion

Thanks to the encouragement of our community, the generosity of our donors, and the support of University leadership, the renovation of the Yale Peabody Museum is continuing as planned. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted progress, but through the tremendous effort of Museum staff, Yale Facilities, project partners, and vendors, our timeline for completion will shift only modestly.

As this unprecedented renovation transforms our physical spaces, we are also changing how we relate to our colleagues, partners, and communities. This means confronting the Museum’s history of injustice, inequity, and racism. We've begun work on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion institutional priorities so that we can learn to better serve our communities, amplify marginalized voices and perspectives, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Sustainability & Accessibility Goals

Planned greenscape approach to the new north entrance of the renovated Peabody Museum. Credit: Centerbrook Architects and Planners.
Rendering of greenscape approach to north entrance of renovated Peabody Museum, Credit: Centerbrook Architects and Planners

We are renovating the Yale Peabody Museum in a way that respects natural resources and enhances the experience of visitors and staff. From the outside in, we have found ways to protect resources, improve accessibility, and promote well-being for our visitors.

The new Peabody Museum is designed to be accessible to all and to serve visitors of all ages and abilities. We look forward to welcoming you to explore, create, and make lifelong memories.

Meet the Peabody

The Yale Peabody Museum is supported by nearly 100 full- and part-time administrative and divisional staff. Curators, associate curators, and curators emeriti, who are faculty members in related Yale University academic departments, also provide vital support, along with curatorial affiliates and a large corps of Museum volunteers.

Administrative Staff

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Administrative Staff

The administrative departments of the Yale Peabody Museum support the Museum’s commitment to preservation, documentation, and research of its collections, and to communicating the results of its research to the widest possible audience through publication, exhibition, and educational programs.

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Curators & Collections Staff

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Curators & Collections Staff

The care of more than 14 million specimens and objects housed in the Yale Peabody Museum is charged to its 10 curatorial divisions. These collections are available to legitimate researchers for scholarly use under the Museum’s policies through arrangements made in advance with the collections manager.

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Peabody Places

Rendering of Horse Island Station, Branford
Rendering of Horse Island Station, Branford, Connecticut. Its primary missions are to support education and research.

From our iconic three-building campus at Yale’s Science Hill, to a sprawling network of spaces at Yale’s West Campus, to several unique natural areas, the Yale Peabody Museum’s footprint in Connecticut complements our holdings, activities, and research.

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