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Spring Peeper eggs from Canaan, Connecticut.
This Spring Peeper from Canaan, Connecticut , has nearly completed metamorphosis.

Online Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut

Spring Peeper - Pseudacris crucifer


The smallest species of frog in Connecticut. It reaches a maximum body length of 1.5 inches (3.7 cm) as an adult. The toes have adhesive disks similar to those of tree frogs. The dorsal coloration is brown or brownish red, nearly always with a dark “X” pattern in the middle.



Breeds very early in the spring, often when snow is still on the ground. Eggs are laid in vernal pools and quickly hatch within a few days. Metamorphosis into tiny froglets occurs within a few weeks.






Reclusive outside the breeding season, but is found in woodland areas with marshy, vernal ponds or bogs.



Small insects, including termites.



Widespread throughout the state with several populations known from each county.






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