Italian Wall Lizard
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Italian Wall Lizard - Podarcis sicula


A small, brown and green lizard with body sizes between 3 and 4 inches (7.6 – 10 cm) and tails of equal or greater length. Undersides are uniform white or cream, but colored patterning on the back is highly variable, sometimes with stripes, spots, or solid colors.



Where it is native, females lay eggs in one, or if conditions are favorable, several clutches in early- and mid-summer; juveniles are born 5 to 7 weeks later.  Little is known about the reproductive biology of this species outside its native range.



Juveniles closely resemble adults but total length is often less than 1.5 inches  (3 cm). Males will reproduce after 1 year, whereas females may require up to 2 years to reach maturity.



The Italian Wall Lizard is a habitat generalist and can be found in a wide variety of ecosystems. Generally, it prefers structurally complex habitats with lush grasses and shrubs. It is known for living at high densities in human-dominated landscapes, particularly on walls (the source of its common name) and will often be seen basking on rock walls or wooden fences with nearby hiding spots.



 The Italian Wall Lizard eats a wide variety of insects and invertebrates, often focusing on caterpillars, grasshoppers, and beetles. Some populations are also known to eat plant leaves and flower parts.



 The native range of the Italian Wall Lizard is the Mediterranean basin, particularly the Italian Peninsula. It is an able colonizer though, and has been introduced to many cities in North America including Los Angeles and New York City. In Connecticut it has only been observed in Fairfield county, near Greenwich and the New York state line.



Non-native.Common where found



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Text by Colin Donihue.
Photograph (top) © Max Lambert. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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