Fowler's Toad
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Fowler's Toad - Bufo fowleri


A medium-sized toad reaching 2 to 3 inches (5 to in length. Dorsal coloration is brown or brownish gray with brown or black markings surrounding the warty protuberances on the skin. Generally, three or more “warts” occur with each dark spot on the back. The belly is creamy white usually lacking dark speckles.



Mating occurs in vernal pools and small ponds in late spring, where string-like masses of eggs are laid loosely attached to submerged vegetation.






Found in sandy soil areas near rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.



Invertebrates, including earthworms and insects.



Scattered throughout Connecticut with at least one population known from each county. Populations are fragmented and primarily found in river valleys. Not as widespread as Bufo americanus.






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