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The Yale Peabody Museum has a long history of mounting expeditions to the far corners of this world in search of fossil vertebrate remains. Between 1870 and 1873 O.C. Marsh led 4 expeditions of Yale students into the American West. These Yale College Scientific Expeditions are chronicled in the following documents:

Other collectors have since added significantly to the holdings of the Museum. Large scale expeditions included such destinations as the Late Jurassic of Como Bluff, Wyoming, the Tertiary of Texas, the Triassic of the southwestern United States, the Early Cretaceous of Montana, and the Tertiary of Egypt.


Today, the Division of Vertebrate Paleontology carries out regular expeditions to Utah and Arizona in search of Triassic vertebrate faunas, and to the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota and Montana to explore vertebrate diversity across the K/T boundary. You can discover more about these expeditions by exploring the links below.



To get  a sense of what working in the field is actually like, read Ali Logan’s blog of the Peabody’s 2008 expedition to Montana and North Dakota.