The Correspondence of O. C. Marsh
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The many historically and scientifically important specimens and artifacts assembled by Othniel Charles Marsh during his association with Yale are preserved at the Peabody Museum of Natural History. In addition, the Manuscripts & Archives department of the Yale University Library also houses an invaluable corollary archive consisting of Marsh correspondence, diaries, notebooks, family papers and related materials, as the O. C. Marsh Papers (call number MS 343). This archive is arranged in seven series: I. Correspondence; II. Marsh Family; III. Education of O. C. Marsh; IV. Writings of O. C. Marsh; V. Biographical Information; VI. Cardiff Giant Hoax; and VII. Red Cloud Agency.


An electronic finding aid describing the contents of the O. C. Marsh Papers in MS 343 is available online. With initial funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Peabody Museum and Manuscripts & Archives have begun to digitize the O. C. Marsh papers. The first phase of this project focused on the letters in Series I exchanged between Marsh and his more than 1,300 correspondents. Over 18,000 individual scans are in the process of being integrated with MS 343 for online delivery through the Yale University Library system.


The Peabody Museum has recently collated lower resolution derivatives of these 18,000 scans into PDF documents, one document per correspondent. These PDFs are available below, and are organized according to the same organization found in the finding aid for MS 343. Comments and suggestions about these PDFs and the site are welcome.


O. C. Marsh Correspondence (following MS 343)


11Abbe, Cleveland (1838-1916)1884-1893
12Abbot, Henry Larcom (1831-1927)1882-1894
13Aberdeen, John Campbell Gordon (1847-1934)1894-1895
14Adams, Andrew Leith (?-1882)1878
15Adams, Charles Francis (1835-1915)1889
16Adam, Henry (1838-1918)1879
17Adams, Henry Martyn (1844-1909)1880
18Adam, John M.1870-1874
19Adams, L.S.1877
110Agassiz, Alexander (1835-1910)1876-1886
111Agassiz, Louis (1807-1873)1862-1873
112Alaska Commercial Company1872
113Alexander, W.M.1891
114Allen, A.H.1876
115Allen, Harrison (1841-1897)1870-1874
116Allen, Joel Asaph (1838-1921)1867-1876
117Allen, O.P.1869
118Allison, William Boyd (1829-1908)1892
119Alvord, Benjamin (1813-1884)1868-1871
120Ameghino, Florentino (1854-1911)1893
121Ami, Henry Marc (1858-?)1898
122Anderson, A.1870-1871
123Anderson, Joseph (1826, 1916)1869
124Andrews, Ebenezer Ealdwin (1821-1880)1867
125Andrews, Edmund (1824-1904)1868
126Andrews, Joseph Ryde (?-1906)1902
127Andrews, S.W.F.1879
128Arkell, Tufts and Co.1874
129Arnold, L.C.1892
130Arnold, Matthew1883
131Arthur, Chester Alan (1830-1886)1883
132Ashley, E.G.1880-1883
133Astor, C. Augusta1886
134Augun, Christopher Colmbus (1821-1898)1871
135Auld, Robert C.1881-1891
136Avery, John1869
137Bache, R. Meade1889
138Bagg, R.M.1898
139Baird, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1888)1868-1871
140Baird, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1888)1872-1873
141Baird, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1888)1874-1878
142Baird, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1888)1879-1887
243Baker, Ray Stannard (1870-1946)1898
244Baker, William A.1874
245Baldwin, Charles1880
246Baldwin, David1876
247Baldwin, David1877-1878
248Baldwin, David1878-1881
249Baniard, Charles1888
250A.L. Bancroft and Co.1871
251Bankhead, Henry Cary1870
252Barbour, E.H.1882-1888
253Barbour, R.C.1884
254Barfoot, Joseph L.1872-1875
255Baring, Cecil1894
256Barker, Fordyce1889
257Barker, George Frederick (1835-1910)1868-1885
258Barker, George Frederick (1835-1910)1886-1897
259Barker, T. G.1869
260Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter (1809-1889)1879-1887
261Barnum, Phineas Taylor (1810-1891)1880-1886
262Barrett, John E.1874
263Earrett, S.J.1875-1881
264Barrett, W.E.1869-1879
265Barringer, Victor C.1888-1890
266Barrois, Charles (1851-1939)1896-1897
267Barton, George L.1877
268Barus, Carl1894-1895
269Baskett, J.N.1894
270Basor, George W.1870
271Bates, James M.1887
272Bath, Nick1886
273Baur, George1884-1886
274Baur, George1887-1890
275Bayard, Thomas Francis (1828-1898)1886
276Bayet, Ernestno date
377Beach, D.N.1881
378Beadle, E.R.1867-1871
379Beadle, Herbert H.1869-1886
380Beck, William1884-1885
381Beck, William1885-1886
382Beck, William1886-1887
383Becker, Frank L.1886
384Becker, G.F.1882
385Beckexs, Samuel1888
386Beckwith, H.C.1877-1879
387Beckwith, Leonard1874
388Bedell, C.A.1874
389Beecher, Charles Emerson (1856-1904)1887-1897
390Beecher, William C.1871-1873
391Belcher, J.H.1885
392Bell, Alexander Graham (1847-1922)1883-1889
393Bell, Jesse1877-1878
394Bell, John1884
395Bell, Robert M.1889-1893
396Belt, Thomas (1832-1878)1875
397Bend, C.H.1889
398Benecke, E.W.1879
399Benedick, H.E.1895-1896
3100Benjamin and Ford1891
3101Bennett, R.N.1869
3102Berzelius, Jons Jakob1835
3103Berends, D.H.1872-1874
3104Berger, Charles F.1875-1885
3105Berlin, A. F.1878
3106Berthoud, Edward L.1861-1884
3107Bibbins, Arthur1894
3108Bien, Julius (1826-1909)1870
3109Bierstadt, Albert (1830-1902)1877-1888
3110Biggs, W.H.1890
3111Bigot, A.1897-1898
3112Billings, E.1869
3113Billings, John Shand (1839-1913)1885-1895
3114Binkley, S.H.1868-1874
4115Blake, Clarence John (1843-1919)1877
4116Blake, Henry Arthur1887
4117Blake, John M.1894
4118Blake, William Phipps (1826-?)1869-1886
4119Theodore Bliss and Company1868
4120Blunt, W. T., Jr.1883
4121Boardman, William J.1871
4122Boas, Franz (1858-?)1884
4123Bonaparte, date
4124Bonaparte, Roland Napoleon1893
4125Booth, W. F.1895
4126Borcherdt, R1871-1874
4127Boschis, C.1890
4128Boss, Lewis (1846-1912)1891-1893
4129Bostwick, Thomas A.1872-1896
4130Bostwick, Thomas A.1898-1899
4131Bouly, M.1895
4132Boutelle, C.O.1889
4133Bowen, Edward S.1873
4134Bowers, Lloyd W.1898-1899
4135Bowers, William H.1894
4136Bowman, John B.1870
4137Boyd, H.W.1873-1874
4138Boyd, H.W.1875
4139Boyd, H.W.1877-1878
4140Boynton, N.M.1874
4141Brackett, S.G. 18811881
4142Bradley, Frank Howe (1838-1879)1867-1875
4143Brady, John Green (1848-1918)1874
4144Branner, John Casper (1850-1922)1893
4145Bratman, James C.1867
4146Brendel, Dr.1865
4147Brewer, A.L.1871
4148Brewer, William Henry (1828-1910)1874-1889
4149Brewster, C.G.1868
4150Brian, H.T.1883-1895
4151Brigham, S.H.1894
4152Bristol, Eugene (letter of 1870 June 18 added 7/2/73)1870
4153Bromley, Isaac H.1876
4154Brooks, Noah1881
4155Brooks, O.N.1875
4156Brooks, W. K.1887-1889
4157Broom, Allan D.1885
4158Brous, H.A.1876
5159Brown, Frederick1877-1883
5160Brown, Frederick1883 Jul - 1884 Jan
5161Brown, Frederick1884 Feb - Dec
5162Brown, Frederick1885 Jan - Jun
5163Brown, Frederick1885 Jul - 1886 Mar
5164Brown, Frederick1886 May - Dec
5165Brown, Frederick1887 Jan - May
5166Brown, Frederick1887 Jun - Sep
5167Brown, Frederick1887 Oct - 1888 Jun
5168Brown, Frederick1888 Jul - 1889 Jun
5169Brown, Henry Armitt1868
5170Brown, James Stanley (1863-1939)1883
5171Brown, James Temple1879
5172Brown, S.C.1899
5173Brown, S.G.1869-1870
5174Brown, Sevellon A.1879
5175Brucciani, D.1875
5176Brumby, Prof. R.T.1869
5177Brush, George Jarvis (1831-1912)1864-1895
5178Buck, Dr. Francis D.1895
5179Buckingharn, William W.1862
5180Bucklin, S.S.1880
5181Bull, Richard1885
5182Bumstead, Nathaniel Willis (1834-1912)1870
5183Bunnell and Scranton1873
5184Bunsen, Georg von1893
5185Bunsen, Theodore von1872-1883
5186Burns, J.S.1869
5187Burr, C.S.1871
5188Burt, Andrew Sheridan (1839-1915)1873-1887
5189Burwell, W.H.1890
5190Bush, Lucy P.1896
5191Bushnell, C.1868
5192Butler, E.1871
5193Butler, Robert1897
5194Butters, Alexander1877
5195Buxton, George1888
5196Byers, William N.1875
5197Byrnes, R.M.1871
5198Cabell, J.L.1879
5199Cady, J. Cleaveland1874-1889
5202Campbell, Quintin1871
6203Canfield, S.H.1868
6204Cannon, George L., Jr.1886-1897
6205Capellini, J.1888-1899
6206Capen, Francis L.1886
6207Caple, Sherman1886
6208Caplinger, Kate M. (Miss)1898-1899
6209Carey, Elliott1878
6210Carlin, William E.1877-1879
6211Carnegie, Andrew (1835-1919)1890
6212Carpenter, Frank R.1887
6213Carpenter, J.H.1878
6214Carpenter, S.C.1873
6215Carpenter, William Benjamin (1813-1885)1882-1884
6216Carpenter, William Lewis1875-1899
6217Carr, Eugene Asa (1830-1910)1870
6218Carson, A.J.R.1889
6219Carson, Luella C.1892
6220Carter, Alexander1869
6221Carter, Franklin (1837-?)1866-1867
6222Carter, James Van A.1872-1874
6223Carter, James Van A.1875-1876
6224Carter, James Van A.1877-1878
6225Carter, William A,1870-1872
6226Cary, S.H.1868
6227Case, Meigs1868-1871
6228Case, Theodore S.1878
6229Casey, Lincoln1891
6230Catlin, R.1895
6231Cattell, J. McK.1894
6232Chamberlain, L. T.1872
6233Chamberlain, T.C.1883
6234Charnereau, Auguste1896
6235Chandler, Alfred D.1871-1872
6236Chandler, Charles F.1882-1895
6237Chandler, George1892
6238Chandler, S. C.1895
6239Chandler, T. P., Jr.1871
6240Chandler, William E.1883-1884
6241Chaplain, T. C.1886-1889
6242Charnay, Desire1886
6243Cheney, H. G.1873
6244Chester, Albert H.1866-1867
6245Chester, Greville I.1869
6246Chew, Annie1889
6247Chew, John W.1872-1877
6248Chew, John W.1882-1883
6249Childs, A.F.1880-1882
6250Childs, C.1868-1869
6251Chilton, R. H.1869
6253Christian, Janes M.1872
7254Clark, Elam1870
7255Clark, Fred A.1876
7256Clark, John B.1884
7257Clarke, Frank Wigglesworth (1847-1931)1891-1893
7258Clarke, George A.1885-1886
7259Clayton, T. C.1891
7260Cleaves, Thomas P.1885
7261Cleburne, William C.1873-1881
7262Clifford, Hank C.1873-1875
7263Clifford, Hank C.1876-1892
7264Cody, William Frederick (1846-1917)1873-1874
7265Coffin, Charles E.1888
7266Coffin, John Huntington Crane1878-1887
7267Cohen, Joseph1887
7268Colbeau, Julieno date
7269Colby, J.C.1888
7270Collett, John (1828-1899)1869-1877
7271Collier, Maurice Dwight (1846-1906)1876
7272Collier, Peter (1835-1896)1884-1890
7273Collins, J. B.1887
7274Collins, W. H.1883-1895
7275Comfort, A.I.1868
7276Comfort, George Fisk (1833-1910)1866-1881
7277Comstock, Apollos (1836-1889)1868
7278Comstock, Cyrus Ballou (1831-1910)1884-1894
7279Comstock, Theodore Bryant (1849-1915)1899
7280Condon, Thomas (1822-1907)1870-1890
7281Coues, Elliott1872-1884
7282Congdon, J.H.1868-1869
7283Conrad, Timothy Abbot (1803-1877)1869
7284Cook, A. E.1877
7285Cook, George Hammell (1818-1889)1869
7286Cooke, Josiah Parsons (1827-1844)1891-1892
7287Coon, Charles E.1884
7288Cooper, George P.1876-1878
7289Cooper, J.G.1877-1888
7290Cope, Edward Drinker (1840-1897)1868-1877
7291Coplen, G.W.1876-1880
7292Corey, O.W.1876
7294Couchi, Igino1899
7295Cowles, James Lewis (1843-1922)1878
7296Cowles, Louise F.1898
7297Cowles, S.1868-1869
7298Cowsh, J.C.1861
7299Cox, Edward Travers (1821-1907)1871
7300Cox, Samuel Sullivan (1824-1889)1884
7301Craft, Edwin[1870?]
7302Cragin, Francis Whitternore (1858-?)1894
7303Crane, E. H.1894
7304Craven, Gus1889-1891
7305Crawford, Erasmus1879-1881
7306Credner, Dr. Hermann (1843-1933)1896
7307Creevey, John K.1890
7308Crisand, Emil1880-1898
7309Croffut, William Augustus (1835-1915)1890
7310Cross, Whitman (1854-1949)1884-1897
7311Cunningham, Robert B.1899
7312Curtis, George William (1824-1892)1878
7313Curtis, Josiah (1816-1883)1875
7314Custer, George Amstrong (1839-1876)1871
7315Cutter, E.1898
8316Dabney, Charles K.1889
8317Dahlberg, R.H.1884
8318Dall, William Healey (1845-1927)1888-1896
8319Dames, Wilhelm Barnirn (1843-1898)1880-1898
8320Dana, Edward Salisbury (1849-1935)1895
8321Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895)1862-1864
8322Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895)1865-1873
8323Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895)1879-1892
8324Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895)1893-1895, no date
8325Darton, Nelson Horatio (1865-1948)1897-1899
8326Darwin, Charles Carlyle (1848-?)1890-1897
8327Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1 882)1873-1878
8328Darwin, George Howard (1845-1912)1897
8329Damin, William Erasmus (1839-?)1878
8330Davidson, George (1825-1911)1896
8331Davidson, Thomas (1817-1885)1879-1881
8332Davis, Edward Harvey (1862-1951)1875-1877
8333Davis, G. Pierrepont1898-1899
8334Davis, Henry1869
8335Davis, Leander S.1872-1874
8336Davis, Leander S.1875-1876
8337Davis, Leander S.1877-1881
8338Davis, Leander S.1882-1893
8339Davis, Theodore Russell (1840-1894)1877-1894
8340Davis, J.M.1888
8341Davus, William1885
8342Dawes, Chester Mitchell (3855-1917)1898
8343Dawkins, William Boyd (1838-?)1879-1898
8344Dawson, Sir John William1859-1890
8345Day, David Talbot (1859-1925)1891
8346Day, George Edward (1815-1905)1889
8347Day, William1875-1878
8348DeFree, J. D.1880
8349DeGolin, L. W.1880
8350Delavan, D. Bryson1894
8351Delp, A.J.1869-1870
8352DeMasters, F. M.1890
8353Denfson, Charles H.1871-1877
8354Dennis, J. M.1866
8355Detken and Rocholl1873
8356Devendorf, Ervin1873-1874 May
8357Devendorf, Ervin1874 Jun - Nov
8358Dewey, Melvil (1851-1931)1893
8359DeWolf, Austin (1838-?)1866
8360Dexter, Franklin Bowditch (1842-1920)1896
8361Dickinson, I.V.1859
8362Dickinson, M.W.1875
8363Diller, Joseph Silas (1850-1928)1888-1895
9364Dimock, Anthony Weston (1842-1918)1889
9365Ditte, Alfred1899
9366Dixon, Edward H,1882
9367Doane, A. Sidney1900
9368Doliheed, R.N.1884
9369Dooley, A.B,1869-1876
9370Dotteser, T.D.1870
9371Dougherty, William J.1872-1879
9372Douglas, Alexander1881
9373Dow, John M.1872-1874
9374Downing, R.F. and Co.1891
9375Drake, Charlesno date
9376Draper, Anna Palmer1882-1886
9377Draper, Daniel (1841-1931)1882
9378Draper, John William (1811-1882)1878
9379Driver, Henry1872
9380Denslow, William Wallace (1856-1915)1866
9381DuBois, C.E.1872
9382Dumeril, Auguste Henri Andre (1812-1870)1868-1869
9383Dunning, E.O.1869-1871
9384Dunning, Joseph1887
9385Dupoury, E.1880
9386Dutton, Clarence Edward (1841-1912)1866-1869
9387Dwight, Timothy (1752-1817)1797
9388Dwight, Timothy (1828-1916)1896-1898
9389Dwight, William Buck (1833-1906)1887-1893
9390Dyer, C.B.1867-1870
9391Dyer, John1889
9392Earle, Charlesno date
9393Eastman, C.A.1878
9394Eastman, Charles Rochester (1868-1918)1894
9395Eaton, Charles G.M.1866-1867
9396Eaton, Harriet Phelpsno date
9397Eaton, J.R.1869, 1877
9398Edgar, George W.1873-1874
9399Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1933)[1882]
9400Edmunds, George Franklin (1828-1919)1885
9401Edwards, Arthur M.1897
9402Edwards, N. M.1880
9403Egbert, A. A.1868
9404Ehrman, Henry1875
9405Eldodt and Koch1876
9406Eldridge, George Homans (1854-1905)1887-1895
9407Eliot, Charles William (1834-1926)1878-1888
9408Ely, Edward1878
9409Emerson, Benjamin Kendall (1843-1932)1876
9410Emerson, West and Buckingharn1874
9411Emerton, James H. (1847-1930)1885-1888
9412Emmons, Samuel Franklin (1841-1911)1876-1891
9413Emmons, Samuel Franklin (1841-1911)1892-1895
9414Emmons, Samuel Franklin (1841-1911)1895-1898
9415Encen, H. A.1867-1868
9416English, J.G.1876
9417English, James Edward (1812-1890)1877
9418deErobriand, R.1873
9419Eustis, Henry Lawrence (1819-1885)1868
9420Evans, Barton D.1868
9421Evans, J. M.1873-1874
9422Evans, John1873
9423Evans, S.R.1871-1877
9424Evans, Walter (1842-1923)1884
9425Even, J.1869-1871
9426Everitt, George H.1878
9427Fackel, Otto1899
9428Fairchild, Charles Stebbins (1842-1924)1888
9429Farnam, Charles Henry (1846-1909)1876
9430Farnam, Henry (1803-1883)1870
9431Farnham, H.E.1874-1875
9432Farnam, William Whitman (1844-1929)1892-1898
9433Farnsworth, P.J.1873
9434Farwell, Charles Benjamin (1823-1903)1889
9435Faulkner, James Jr.1874
10436Felch, C.E.1885
10437Felch, M.P.1881-1883 Jun
10438Felch, M.P.1883 Jul - Sep
10439Felch, M.P.1883 Oct
10440Felch, M.P.1883 Nov
10441Felch, M.P.1883 Dec
10442Felch, M.P.1884 Jan - Feb
10443Felch, M.P.1884 Mar - Apr
10444Felch, M.P.1884 May - Jun
10445Felch, M.P.1884 Jul - Aug
10446Felch, M.P.1884 Sep - Dec
10447Felch, M.P.1885 Jan - Mar
10448Felch, M.P.1885 Jun - Sep
10449Felch, M.P.1885 Oct - Nov 16
10450Felch, M.P.1885 Nov 17 - Dec
11451Felch, M.P.1886 Jan - Mar
11452Felch, M.P.1886 Apr - Jun
11453Felch, M.P.1886 Jul - Sep
11454Felch, M.P.1886 Oct - Dec
11455Felch, M.P.1887 Jan - Jun
11456Felch, M.P.1887 Jul - Dec
11457Felch, M.P.1888 Jan - Jun
11458Felch, M.P.1888 Jul - Dec
11459Felch, M.P.18891-1892
11460Fessender, T.K.1867
11461Field, Edward1869-1871
11462Field, Edward S.1874-1876
11463Field, D. E.1869
11464Field, Roswell1867-1876
11465Field, S.I.1874-1876
11466Fields, W.T.1884-1890
11468Fifhold, H.1887
11469Fischer, Gustav1887
11470Fischer, Moritz1896-1898
11471Fisher, Miers1874
11472Fleugler, J. J.1857
11473Flower, Georgiana Rosetta1885
11474Flower, Sir William Henry (1831-1899)1873-1898
11475Folwell, W.H.1870
11476Forbes, William S.1887
11477Ford, Silas W.1873-1886
11478Foster, E. K.1892
11479Foster, Michael (1836-1907)1895
11480Fraas, Oscar Friedrich von (1824-1897)1866-1883
11481Fraas, Eberhard (1862-1915)1895-1896
11482Francis, David Rowland (1850-1927)1897
11483Francis, James Bicheno (1815-1892)1884
11484Frantzius, Alexander von (1821-1877)1872
11485Frey, S.L.1878
11486Friedberg, M.R.1873
11487Friedlander, R. and Son1881
11488Fritsch, Antonin Jan (1832-1913)1880-1887
11489Furbinger, M.1899
11490G. Amsinck and Co.1877
11491Gall, W.M.1868
11492Galton, Lady Douglas1899
11493Gardner, John Starkie (1844-1930)1879-1885
11494Garrett, John Work (1820-1884)1879
11495Gaskill, J.C.1868-1869
12496Gaudry, Albert (1827-1908)1881-1898
12497Geare, Randolph Iltyd (1854-1917)1888-1893
12498Gebhard, W.D.1886
12499Geilkie, Archibald (1835-1924)1879-1897
12500Geinitz, Hans Bruno (1814-1900)1873-1896
12501Geismar, Jacob1872
12502Gentile, C.1878
12503Gernay, Paul1876
12504Gerrard, Edward1872-1873
12505Gerrard, Edward1874-1899
12506Gibbon, John1876-1877
12507Gibb, Hugh1883-1898
12508Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908)1878-1883
12509Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908)1884-1885
12510Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908)1886-1887
12511Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908)1888-1892
12512Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908)1893-1897
12513Gibson, William L.1869
12514Giglioli, Enrico H.1899
12515Gilbert, Grove Karl (1843-1918)1868-1883
12516Gilbert, Grove Karl (1843-1918)1885-1889
12517Gilder, Richard Watson (1844-1909)1897
12518Gilder, William Henry (1838-1900)1890
12519Gill, Theodore Nicholas (1837-1914)1867-1874
12520Gillurn, George1869
12521Gilman, Daniel Colt (1831-1908)1857-1886
12522Gilmore, C.M.1888
12523Glahn, George A.1894
12524Glass, J.W.1871
12525Gleason, W.T.1867-1870
12526Goldbacher, Joseph1872-1873
12527Goodale, George Lincoln (1839-1923)1892-1895
12528Goode, George Brown (1851-1896)1877-1888
12529Goode, George Brown (1851-1896)1889-1890
12530Goode, George Brown (1851-1896)1891-1893
12531Goode, George Brown (1851-1896)1894-1896
13532Goodrich, Caspar Frederick (1847-1925)1875
13533Goodwin, Francis1892
13534Gore, James Howard (1856-?)1883
13535Gore, N.B.1874
13536Gottschalck, August1884
13537Gould, Benjamin Apthorp (1824-1896)1870-1895
13538Grant, Ulyses Simpson (1822-1885)1875
13539Gray, Asa (1810-1888)1866-1885
13540Greely, Adolphus Washington (1844-1935)1884-1888
13541Green, Alexander Henry (1832-1896)1890-1891
13542Green, C.J.1890
13543Green, James1870
13544Greg, Robert Phillips (1826-1906)1855
13545Gregory, S.S.1873
13546Gresham, Walter Quintin (1832-1895)1893
13547Grinnell, George Bird (1849-1938)1871-1872
13548Grinnell, George Bird (1849-1938)1873-1885
13549Groat, P.B.1879
13550Grube, Edward (1812-1880)1865-1873
13551Gruber, F.1872-1878
13552Gruen, James A. and Co.1876
13553Guernsey, C.A.1889
13554Guild, Edward W.1876-1878 Jun
13555Guild, Edward W.1878 Jul - 1880
13556Guin, F.M.1889
13557Gundlack, George1875
13558Curley, William1876
13559Guyot, Arnold Henry (1807-1884)1869-1883
13560Haast, Julius von (1822-1887)1872-1878
13561Haeckel, Ernest (1834-1919)1885-1895
13562Hague, Arnold (1840-1917)1871-1886
13563Hague, Arnold (1840-1917)1892-1895
13564Hague, James D. (1836-1908)1877
13565Haines, George (1798-1877)1868-1870
13566Hale, Edward Everett (1822-1909)1879-1893
14567Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1880-1883
14568Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1884 Jan - Jun
14569Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1885
14570Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1886
14571Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1887
14572Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1888
14573Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1889-1890
14574Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1891
14575Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1892-1893
14576Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1894-1898
14577Hall, Asaph (1829-1907)1893
14578Hall, Asaph, Jr. (1859-1930)1893
14579Hall, Christopher Webber (1845-1911)1884
14580Hall, J.1885
14581Hall, James (1811-1898)1867-1893
14582Halvorsen, M.C.1891
14583Hamback, Dr. S.1879
14584Hamilton, James M.1896-1897
14585Hamlin, Augustus Choate (1829-1905)1870-1874
14586Hammond Typewriter Company1898
14587Hampson, Thomas1886-1887
14588Hand and Post1874
14589Hanks, Henry G. (1826-1907)1872-1879
14590Hare, Sid J.1884
14591Harger, Oscar (1843-1887)1872-1887
14592Harper, George W.1870-1872
14593Harper, William Rainey (1856-1906)1893
14594Harrington, Bernard James (1848-?)1875
14595Harris, Gilbert Dennison (1864-?)1891
14596Harrison, Samuel Alexander (1822-1890)1868
14597Hartley, Edward1870
14598Hartt, Charles Fred (1840-1878)1860-1868
14599Hartt, Charles Fred (1840-1878)1869-1873
14600Hartt, Charles Fred (1840-1878)1874-1876
14601Hastings, Charles Seldon (1848-1932)1894
15602Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1884 Jun - Dec
15603Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1885 Jan - Apr
15604Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1885 May - Sep
15605Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1886 Mar - May
15606Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1886 Jun - Oct
15607Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1887 Mar - May
15608Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1887 Jun - Oct
15609Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1887 Nov - Dec
15610Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1888 Jan - May
15611Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1888 Jun - Dec
15612Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1889 Jan - Apr
15613Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1889 May - Jul
15614Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1889 Aug - Dec
15615Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1890 Jan - Apr
15616Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1890 May - Jun
15617Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1890 Jul
15618Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1890 Aug - Sep
15619Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1890 Oct - Dec
16620Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1891 Jan - Mar
16621Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1891 Apr - May
16622Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1891 Jun - Jul
16623Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1891 Aug - Sep
16624Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1891 Oct - Dec
16625Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1892 Jan - Mar
16626Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1892 Apr - Jun
16627Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)1892 Jul - 1893 Jan
16628Haughton, Samuel (1821-1897)1880
16629Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse (1807-1889)1870
16630Hawley, Joseph Roswell (1826-1905)1883-1873
16631Hawley, R.E.1869-1873
16632Hay, John (1838-1905)1882-1897
16633Hay, Kate Erroll1876
16634Hay, Oliver Perry (1846-1930)1871-1885
16635Hay, Robert (1835-1895)1883
16636Hay, Mrs. Robert1883
16637Hayden, Ferdinand Vandever (1829-1887)1867-1883
16638Heath, William M.1871
16639Hebard, Grace Raymond (1861-1936)1898
16640Hector, James (1834-1907)1872-1874
16641Heiney, W.M.1893
16642Heisey, Jacob1875
16643Heldreich, T.1871
16644Hemenway, Mrs. Samuel1866-1867
16645Hendrick, G. Dixno date
16646Henry, Joseph (1797-1878)1867-1875
16647Henry, Michael1886
16648Herbert, Hilary Abner (1834-1919)1886
16649Herbert, John G.1869
16650Herbert, O.C.1869
17651Hermann, Adam1876-1892
17652Herring's Express Company1874
17653Hersey, Samuel J.1876
17654Heukel m, Sigenbeck vanno date
17655Hewitt, Abram Stevens (1822-1903)1884-1886
17656Hielscher, Theo.1883
17657Hiestand, W. D.1892
17658Hilgard, Eugene Woldmar (1833-1916)1868-1893
17659Hilgard, Julius Erasmus (1825-1891)1874-1887
17660Hill, Alfred James (1833-1895)1868
17661Hill, James Jerome (1838-1916)1892
17662Hill, Robert Thomas (1858-1941)1896
17663Hills, Richard Charles (1848-1923)1889-1897
17664Hinds, John Tredelle Dillard (1847-1921)1879
17665Hine, William and Co.1878
17666Hinkle, Philip1899
17667Hitchcock, Charles Henry (1836-1919)1868-1876
17668Hitchcock, Edward, Sr. (1793-1864)1859
17669Hitchcock, Edward, Jr. (1828-1911)1867-1892
17670Hodges, Henry Clay (1831-1917)1886
17671Holbrook, John Edwards (1794-1871)[1862]
17672Holden, Edward Singleton (1846-1914)1885
17673Holmes, Francis Simmons (1815-1882)[1868]-1869
17674Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1841-1935)1882-1883
17675Holmes, William Henry (1846-1917)1885-1889
17676Home, Joseph1861
17677Honeyman, David1870
17678Hooker, S i r Joseph Dalton (1817-1911)1878-1885
17679Hopson and Sherman1882
17680Horus, Henry1867
17681Hoskins, date
17682Hotchkiss, A.B.1886
17683Hovey, Edrnund Otis (1862-1924)1888
17684Hovey, Horace Carter (1833-1914)1869
17685Howell, Edwin Eugene (1845-1911)1867-1891
17686Howell, Robert (1801-?)1869
17687Howland, H.H.1876
17688Hoyt, Henry Martin (1830-1892)1885
17689Hoyt, M. L.1871
17690Hubbard, Elbert Hamilton (1849-3912)1873
17691Hubbell, S.F.1878
17692Hubrecht, A. W. (1853-1915)1896
17693Hudson, Susan E. Johnson1866
17694Huffnagle, Alfred1875
17695Hughes, McKenny1891-1899
17696Hughes, Walter Henry (1858-?)1874
17697Hulke, John Whitaker (1830-1895)1873-1892
17698Humboldt, Alexander Freiherr von (1769-1859)1814
17699Humphrey, Charles Frederic (1844-1926)1885-1887
17700Humphrey and Co.1877
17701Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson (1810-1883)1878
17702Hunt, Thomas Sterry (1826-1892)1880-1888
17703Huntington, Collis Potter1882
17704Hurd, A.1870-1871
17705Hurd, Mrs. S.H.1874
18706Hutchinson, Henry Neville (1856-?)1894
18707Huxley, Henrietta A.H. (?-1915) (Mrs. T.H. Huxley)1881-1895
18708Huxley, Leonard (1860-1933)1889-1896
18709Huxley, Thomas Henry (1825-1895)1876-1885
18710Hyatt, Alpheus (1838-1902)1868-1896
18711Hyde, D.C.1880
18712Jackson and Co.1872
18713Jackson, Charles Loring (1847-1935)1894
18714Jackson, E.1867
18715Jackson, George Anson (1846-1907)1868
18716Jackson, Mrs. William H.1871
18717Jaeger, L.I.F.1889
18718James, George Wharton (1858-1923)1898
18719James, T. S,1894
18720Janeway, John H.1873-1874
18721Jenks, John Whipple Patter (1819-l894)1877-1880
18722Jenney, Walter Proctor (1849-?)1880
18723Jewell, Marshall (1825-1883)1876
18724Jewett, Ezekiel1864-1875
18725Jillson, Res. S.1871
18726A. J. Johnson Comnany1894
18727Johnson, E.J.1886
18728Johnson, J. Henry1873
18729Johnson, Reuben J.1867
18730Johnson, Reverdy, Jr.1866
18731Johnson, William Woolsey (1841-1927)1868
18732Johnston, Christopher (1856-1914)1888
18733Jones, Charles Colcock (1831-1893)1877
18734Jones, Charles L.1880
18735Jones, George M.1874-1877
18736Jones, John Peter (1847-1916)1874-1877
18737Jones, Leif1890
18738Jones, V.R.1864-1899
18739Jones, William Albert (1841-1914)1872-1874
18740Joslyn, W.L.1882
18741Jost, Henry1876
18742Judd, Ada R.1898
18743Judd, John Wesley (1840-1916)1895
18744Judd and Detweiler1884
18745Judson, John N.1885
18746Kaldenberg, Frederick Robert (1855-1923)1898
18747Kalston, J. Grier1871
18748Kappeler, Tobias1874-1883
18749Kappeler, Tobias1884-1895
18750Kearn, Thomas V.1890
18751Keasbey, George Macculloch (1850-1924)1873
18752Keep, Robert Porter (1844-1904)1870-1871
18753Kellogg, George M.1867
18754Kellogg and Ives1868
18755Kellum, Adison B.1885-1888
19756Kennedy, E.1880-1883 Jun
19757Kennedy, E.1883 Jul - Dec
19758Kennedy, E.1884 Jan - Jun
19759Kennedy, E.1884 Jul - Dec
19760Kennedy, E.1885, no date
19761Kenney, John L.1882-1883 Jun
19762Kenney, John L.1883 Jul - Oct
19763Kenney, John L.1883 Nov - 1894 May
19764Kent, R.A.1875
19765Kenton, Richard1875
19766Kerr, Washington Caruthers (1827-1885)1868-1875
19767Kessler, Henry C.1885-1893
19768Keyes, Charles Rollin (1864-?)1887
19769Kirnball, James Putnam (1836-1913)1874
19770Kimball, W.H.1893
19771Kimball, W.S.1869
19772King, A.M.1871
19773King, Clarence (1842-1901)1876-1887
19774King, Moses (1853-1909)1883
19775Kingman, W.F.1898
19776Kinne, O.B.1867-1881
19777Kinne, William1868
19778Kinney, Abbot (1850-1920)1874
19779Kinney, Ernest L.1875
19780Kip, Leonard (1826-1906)1893
19781Kirk, Thomas (1828-1898)1872
19782Klein, John W.1876
19783Kline, A.C.1869
19784Klipstein, D.1884
19785Kluitz, A. Provo1872-1874
19786Knight, John George David (1846-1919)1890-1891
19787Knight, Wilbur Clinton (1858-1903)1898
19788Koenen, A. von1866
19789Korn, D.H.1876
19790Kost, John (1819-1904)1891-1897
19791Kowalevsky, W.1875-1881
19792Krefft, Gerard1872-1875
19793Kruper, Th.1873
19794Kuki, Jusanami R.1887
19795Kunz, George Frederick (1856-1932)1887-1889
20796Lacoe, R.D.1885
20797Laflarnn, J.A.K.1883
20798Laidley, William1872
20799Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1876-1877 Jun
20800Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1877 Jul - Dec
20801Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1878
20802Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Mar - Jun
20803Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Jul
20804Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Aug
20805Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Sep
20806Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Oct - Nov 15
20807Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1879 Nov 16 - Dec
20808Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1880 Jan
20809Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1880 Feb - Apr
20810Lakes, Arthur (1844-?)1888-1895
20811Lambuth, J.W.1889-1896
20812Lamont, Daniel Scott (1851-1905)1885
20813Lamothe, L.1873-1888
20814LaMotte, R.S.1871
20815Lamson, John S. and Brothers1878-1880
20816Landon, H.G.1871
20817Lane, Edward S.1871-1873
20818Langley, Samuel Pierrepont (1834-1906)1884-1896
20819Lankester, Edwin Ray (1847-1929)1887-1899
20820Lapparent, Albert de1899
20821Lartet, Edouard A.I.H. (1801-1871)1869
20822Lawrence, C.P.1884
20823Lawrence, Eugene (1823-1894)1878
20824Lawson, Andrew Cowper (1861-?)1894-1895
21825Lea, Isaac (1792-1886)1868-1885
21826Lea, Mary1892
21827Lebourveau, Oscar H.1874-1876
21828Lebourveau, Oscar H.1877-1888
21829LeConte, John Lawrence (1825-1883)1877-1888
21830LeConte, Joseph (1823-1901)1877-1895
21831Lee, Alfred Emory (1838-?)1890
21832Leeas, Alfred1888
21833Leidy, Joseph (1823-1891)1867-1890
21834Leiser, A.P.1887
21835Lemoine, John Emile (1815-1892)1881
21836Leonard, A.M.1868
21837LePlongeon, Augustus (1826-1908)1884-1887
21838Lesquereaux, Leo (1806-1889)1873-1884
21839Leverett, Frank (1859-?)1895
21840Leverson, Montague Richard (1830-?)1886
21841Lighton, W. R,1886
21842Linsly, Janet1877
21843Litton, Abram (1814-1901)1869-1871
21844Livengood, G.W.1890
21845Lloyd, John D.1876
21846Lockwood, Samuel1869-1887
21847Lommel, J.1866
21848Longworth, W.N.1867-1869
21849Loomis, Elias (1811-1889)1869
21850Loper, S.W. (letter of 5-25-1870. not filmed)1870-1872
21851Loring, George Bailey (1817-1891)1882
21852Love, J.G.1877
21853Lovers, Ivan1884
21854Low, Seth (1850-1916)1891
21855Lowell, James Russell (1819-1891)1882
21856Lowry, Robert (1830-1910)1884
21857Lubert, John1881-1885
21858Lucas, Frederic Augustus (1852-1929)1872-1891
21859Lucas, Frederic Augustus (1852-1929)1892-1900
21860Lucas, O.W.1879
21861Lumholtz, Carl (1851-1922)1890
21862Lusk, Frank Stillman (1857-1930)1894
21863Lydekker, Richard (1849-1915)1877
21864Lyell, Charles (1797-1875)1872
21865Lyman, Benjamin Smith (1835-1920)1868-1898
21866Lyman, Joseph Bardwell (1829-1872)1869
21867Lyman, Theodore (1833-1897)1884-1886
21868Lynch, John Arthur (1825-1892)1890
21869Lyons, H.P.1899
22870Maartz, G.A.1873
22871McAdams, William1888-1890
22872MacBride, Thomas Hus ton (1848-1934)1893-1897
22873McCarthy, date
22874McCauley, C.A.H.1888-1890
22875McChesney, J. D.1881-1883
22876McChesney, J. D.1884-1886 Jun
22877McChesney, J. D.1886 Jul - 1896
22878McCrary, George Washington (1835-1890)1878
22879McDaniel, Z.1868
22880McDowell, Charles W.1872-1873
22881McEntee, Jervis (1828-1891)no date
22882McFarland, N.C.1884
22883McFarland, R.W.1875
22884McGee, W.J. (1853-1925)1885-1890
22885McGuin, George B.1887
22886McLinn, Charles1874
22887McLoyd, Charles1889
22888MacNaughton, James1885-1886
22889McNiel, John A. (1854-1896)1869-1878
22890McQuitlin, D.A.1870
22891Madden, D.1874
22892Maguire, Franck Z.1885
22893Magur, Charles1880
22894Major, C.J. Forsyth1886
22895Malcolmson, James W.1898
22896Manning, D.1885
22897Mansfield, I.F.1877
22898Marcon, John Belknap1883
22900Marschall, August Friedrich.Grof von (1804-1887)1877
22901Marshall, Brown1873
22902Martin, Handel T.1889-1890 Jul
22903Martin, Handel T.1890 Aug - 1893
22904Martin, Handel T.1894-1895
22905Martin, Handel T.1897-1899
22906Martin, John1883
23907Mason, Alfred Bishop (1851-1933)1871-1883
23908Mason, Otis Tufton (1838-1908)1890
23909Mason, S.C.1882
23910Matthew, B.V.1879
23911Maull and Fox1885-1898
23912Mayer, Alfred Marshall (1836-1897)1884-1891
23913Mayer, Frank H. (1850-1954)1884
23914Mayer, Mary M.1898
23915Robert Mayer and Co.1898
23916Mayer, William J.1885
23917Maynard, H.J.1880
23918Maynard, Mrs. J.S.1870
23919Meek, Fielding Bradford (1817-1876)1866-1867
23920Meek, Fielding Bradford (1817-1876)1868-1876
23921Meigs, Montgomery Cunningham (1816-1892)1882-1885
23922Meirs, John G.1868-1870
23923Mendenhall, E.1867
23924Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin (1841-1924)1889-1893
23925Mercer, R.W.1877-1878
23926Mersell, W.F.1895
23927Merrill, George Perkins (1854-1929)1898-1899
23928Merrill, Dr. J. King1880
23929Meyer, Otto1883-1885
23930Meyrat, Emile1879
23931Michelson, Albert Abraham (1852-1931)1895
23932Miller, G.D.B.1872
23933Miller, John F.1872
23934Millet, J.B.1880
23935Mills, Anson (1834-1924)1874
23936Minor, Thomas T.1872-1873
23937Minton, Maurice M.1891
23938Mitchell, Charles L.1886
23939Mitchell, Donald Grant (1822-1908)1862-1889
23940Mitchell, John Kearsley (1859-1917)1888
23941Mitchell, Silas Weir (1829-1914)1888-1892
23942Mixson, J.M.1890
23943Moffatt, George1890
23944Molthrop, William H.1873
23945Montgomery, L.M.1890
23946Montjoy, S.C.1878
23947Moody, Eliza P.1868-1869
23948Moore, Benjamin L.1871
23949Moore, Charles1881
23950Moore, Homer1898-1899
23951Moore, James Edgar (1845-?)no date
23952Moore, James Miles (1837-1905)1893
24953Morgan, date
24954Morgan, W.W.1869
24955Morison, George Shattuck (1842-1903)1886
24956Morris, William B.1874
24957Morse, Charles J.1877
24958Morse, Edward Sylvester (1838-1925)1873-1896
24959Morstatter, Jacob1866-1868
24960Morton, Henry (1837-1902)1880-1885
24961Moseley, Henry Nottidge (1844-1891)1883
24962Mosley, G.M.1872
24963Moss, Jesse Lathtop (1847-?)1869
24964Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1866-1873
24965Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1874
24966Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1875
24967Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1876
24968Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1877 Jan - Jul
24969Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1877 Aug
24970Mudge, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1879)1877 Sep - 1878
24971Mudge, Charles F.1876
24972Mudge, Mrs. C.F.1877
24973Mudge, Mary E.A.1877
24974Mudge, Mell R.1874-1876
24975Muldron, H. L.1885
24976Muller, Frederik and Co.1887
24977Mulligan, John P.1878
24978Munoz, Adolfo1883-1884
24979Murray, George C.1870
24980Museo de la Plata, Directorno date
24981Nash, H.C.1884-1886
24982National Academy of Sciences1882
24983Neal, Stewart1873
24984Nebey, E.1876
24985Nelson, Edward T.1874
24986Nelson, John Young (1826-?)1873
24987Nelson, W.H.1884
24988Nesbit, T. Murray1877
24989Nesbitt, E.G.1872
24990New England Magazine1898
24991New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad1898-1899
24992Newberry, John Strong (1822-1892)1866-1874
24993Newberry, John Strong (1822-1892)1875-1889
24994Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)1878-1879
24995Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)1880-1884 Jun
24996Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)1884 Jul - 1885
24997Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)1886
24998Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)1887-1898
25999Newman, E.S.1889
251000Newton, Edwin Tulley (1840-1930)1889
251001Newton, Hubert Anson (1830-1896)1891
251002Newton, R.1884
251003Nichols, C.B.1873-1874
251004Nicholson, Henry Nleyne (1844-1899)1872-1880
251005Niemeyer, John Henry (1839-1932)1881
251006Nightingale, A.L.1874
251007Niven, William (1850-1937)1898
251008Nolan, Edward James (1846-?)1889-1891
251009Nolen, Andrew1870
251010Nolub, Ernst1895
251011Nordhoff, Charles (1830-1901)1881
251012North, Frank Joshua (1840-1885)1870-1879
251013North, Lute1873-1874
251014Norton, O.D.1875
251015Nugent, William E.1879
251016O'Brien, John S.1896
251017O'Neill, Charles (1821-1893)1892
251018Oppel, A.1864
251019Ord, Edward Otho Cresap (1818-1883)1873-1874
251020Ord, P.1887
251021Orton, James (1830-1877)1867-1872
251022Ortoz, J.1874
251023Osborn, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935)1889-1890
251024Osborne, James H.1879
251025Overton, James M.1886
251026Owen, Charles Hunter (1838-1922)1890
251027Owen, Sir Richard (1804-1892)1875-1883
251028Owen, Richard H.1875-1883
251029P., M.E.1874
251030Packard, Alpheus Spring (1839-1905)1874
251031Packard, Lewis Richard (1836-1884)1885-1894
251032Palmer, Edward (18314911)1867
251033Parke, Charles1875-1876
251034Parke, John Grubb (1827-1900)1878-1879
251035Parker, Francis Jewett (1825-1909)1891
251036Parker, John D.1867-1869
251037Parker, William Kitchen (1823-1890)1879-1885
251038Patterson, C.P.1878-1879
251039Pattinson, N.L.1855
251040Pavlow, Alexsei P. (1854-1929)1896
251041Pavlow, Marie1894-1897
251042Peale, Albert Charles (1849-1913)1888-1889
251043Peck, B.F.1884
251044Peck, T.C.1894
251045Peck, W.A.1867
251046Peckham, Stephen Farnum (1839-1916)1879-1880
251047Peirce, Charles S. (1839-1914)1881-1894
251048Penfield, Edward W.1893
251049Penney, Charles George (1844-1926)1894
251050Pepper, William (1843-1898)1889
251051Percy, Harold1888
251052Perkins, Maurice (1836-1901)1867-1868
251053Perrigo, George W.1876
251054Perry, John1862
251055Peters, Christian Henry Frederick (1813-1890)1887
251056Peters, William K.H. (1815-1884)1880
251057Peterson, Olof August (1865-1933)1889
251058Petich, Louis1898
251059Petrie, William M. Flinders (1853-?)1879
251060Pettigrew, F.W.1893
261061Phelps, George C.1883
261062Phelps, M. Stuart1869
261063Phelps, William E.1883
261064Phelps, William Walter (1839-1894)1877-1889
261065Phillips, Andrew Wheeler (1844-1915)1898
261066Phillips, J.W.1885
261067Phillips, John S.1898
261068Philips, L.E.1887
261069Phipps, Henry (1839-1930)1893
261070Phister, A.V.1886
261071Phythian, Robert Lees (1835-1917)1888
261072Pickering, Edward Charles (1846-1919)1884-1888
261073Pilling, James Constantine (1846-1895)1882-1883
261074Pilling, James Constantine (1846-1895)1884-1885
261075Pilling, James Constantine (1846-1895)1886-1887
261076Pilling, James Constantine (1846-1895)1888-1890
261077Pinard, J. B. and Sons1883-1888
261078Pinart, Alphonse Louis (1852-1911)1892
261079Pixley, M.S.1888
261080Platt, Orvill Hitchcock (1827-1905)1892
261081Playfair, Edith[1883]
261082Playfair, Sir Lyon (1818-1898)1883-1897
261083Pomeroy, Lucien1868
261084Poore, Ben Perley (1820-1887)1883
261085Pope, James Worden (1846-1919)1895
261086Porter, John Addison (1856-1900)1897
261087Porter, date
261088Porter, Noah (1811-1892)1862-1885
261089Potter, William Bleecker (1846-1914)1876
261090Potts, Johnno date
261091Pouchet, Georges (1833-1894)1893-1899
261092Poulton, Edward Bagnall (1856-1943)1888-1896
261093Pourtales, Louis Francois de (1823-1880)1875
261094Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902)1871-1883
261095Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902)1884-1886
261096Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902)1887-1896
261097Pratt, Willard N.1877
261098Prestwich, Sir Joseph (1812-1896)1878-1885
261099Pruyn, John V.L. (Mrs.)no date
261100Puluffin, W.H.1879
261101Purdy, F.S.1888
261102Putnam, Frederic Ward (1839-1915)1869-1888
261103Putnam, J. Duncan1877
261104Quackenbush, Leslie R.1869
261105Quackenbush, V.1887
261106Quatrefages de Breau, de (1810-1892)no date
261107Queen, James W.1886
261108Quincy, Edmund (1808-1877)1875
261109Quincy, Josiah (1859-1919)1893
261110Rafferty, D.1874-1875
261111Ramsay, Andrew Crombie (1814-1891)1878
261112Ramsay, J.R.1884
261113Randall, W.W.1883
261114Randles, James1884
261115Rathbone, John Finley (1819- ?)1893
261116Rathbun, Richard (1852-1918)1888
261117Raum, Green Berry (1829-1909)1882
261118Raymond, J.I.[1880?]
261119Raymond, J.W.1871-1873
271120Read, W.1882
271121Red Cloud (1822-1909)1883-1897
271122Redfield, Charles and John1870
271123Reed, Anna E.1880
271124Reed, Thomas Brackett (1839-1902)1886
271125Reed, W.H. and Carlin, W.E.1877-1878
271126Reed, William H.1877-1878
271127Reed, William H.1879 Jan - May
271128Reed, William H.1879 Jun - Aug
271129Reed, William H.1879 Sep - Oct
271130Reed, William H.1879 Nov - Dec
271131Reed, William H.1880 Jan - Feb
271132Reed, William H.1880 Mar - Apr
271133Reed, William H.1880 May - Jun
271134Reed, William H.1880 Jul - Sep
271135Reed, William H.1880 Oct - Dec
271136Reed, William H.1881 Jun - Apr
271137Reed, William H.1881 May - Jul
271138Reed, William H.1881 Aug - Dec
271139Reed, William H.1882 Jan - May
271140Reed, William H.1882 Jun - Aug
271141Reed, William H.1882 Sep - Dec
271142Reed, William H.1883-1886
271143Reed, William H.1890-1898
271144Reid, H.A.1882
271145Reid, Whitelaw (1837-1912)1879-1883
271146Reilly, Ben1875
271147Reilly, Thomas A.1875
271148Remsen, Ira (1846-1927)1882-1898
271149Retteys, C.V.1879
271150Rhoads, W.W.1876
271151Rice, E.C.1871
271152Richardson, F.C.A.1876-1877
281153Rida Sign Co.1893
281154Ridpath, James1875
281155Riikimeyer, L.1886
281156Riley, A.T.1888
281157Riley, Charles Valentine (1843-1895)1881
281158Ritchie and Co.1862
281159Ritchie, Thomas P.1871
281160Rives, G. L.1888
281161Rizer, H.C.1891-1894
281162Rizer, H.C.1895-1896
281163Rizer, H.C.1897-1899
281164Roberts, Benjamin K. (1845-1921)1876
281165Robinson, Arthur1886
281166Robinson, J. (Dr.)1876
281167Robinson, J.P.1875
281168Robinson, Wirt (1864-1929)1900
281170Rockwell, Charles1877-1889
281171Ruckwell, Charles Henry (1840-1908)1882
281172Rockwell, George1874
281173Rodman, W.B.1868
281174Roemer, Karl Ferdinand (1818-1891)1867-1883
281175Roessler, A.R.1876
281176Roessler, Paul1887
281177Rogers, Emma1882
281178Rogers, Fairman (1833-1900)1879-1890
281179Rogers, George W.1872
281180Rogers, H.C.1882
281181Rogers, W.K.1878
281182Rogers, William Barton (1804-1882)1878-1882
281183Rolleston, George (1829-1881)1880-1881
281184Roof, J.S.1896
281185Rooney, Otis A.1889
281186Roop, C.1872-1874
281187Rossi, James C.1896
281188Roth, Santiago1883
281189Rounds, T.P.1884-1885
281190Rowe, T.K.1874
281191Rowland, Henry Augustus (1848-1901)1894-1895
281192Ruffner, E.H.1877
281193Ruggles, George1874
281194Rum and Sons1868
281195Rumble, James1878
281196Russell, Charles Addison (1852-1902)1892
281197Russell, [Charles Taze] (1852-1916)1885-1890
281198Russell, Israel Cook (1852-1906)1888
281199Rust, Horatio N.1871-1876 Jul
281200Rust, Horatio N.1876 Aug - 1880
281201Ryan, Thomas (1837-1914)1897-1898
281202Saemann, Louis1865-1867
281203Safely, Robert1866
281204Sanborn, M.H.1849
281205Sander, F.1892
281206Sarchet, George B.1881
281207Sargent, Joseph Bradford (1822-1907)1890
281208Sartain, John (1808-1897)1860
281209Saulmer, George E.1898
281210Sauvage, H.E.1899
281211Savage, C.R.1874
281212Savage, Joseph1872-1876
281213Sawyer, George F.1877
281214Sawyers, James Alexander (1824-1903)1873
291215Schafhirt, Fred1876
291216Schickler Brothers1864
291217Schierkoz, L.1893
291218Schlaper, M.1884-1885
291219Schonfeld, E.1889
291220Schoonmaker, A.1877
291221Schott, Charles Anthony (1826-1901)1890-1891
291222Schowalter, E.R.1869-1871
291223Schuchert, Charles (1858-1942)1892-1895
291224Schumacker, Paul1877
291225Schuyler, Eugene (1840-1890)1867-1871
291226Schwatka, Frederick (1849-1892)1874-1886
291227Scleter, W.S.1897
291228Scollick, J.W.1889
291229Scudder, Samuel Hubbard (1853-1911)1867-1891
291230Sealey. W.H.1892
291231Sealey, Harry Govier (1839-1909)1892
291232Seely, Henry Martyn (1828-1917)1889-1890
291233Semenof, P. de1867
291234Semper, C.1892
291235Seymour, E.1871
291236Seymour, Horatio (1810-1886)1869
291237Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate (1841-1906)1892
291238Sheffield, Joseph Earl (1793-1882)1876
291239Shelley, A.S.1874-1877
291240Shepard, Carlosno date
291241Shepard, Charles O.1871-1872
291242Shepard, Charles Upham (1804-1886)1868
291243Shepard, Charles Upham, Jr.1869-1897
291244Shepard, James (1838-1926)1890
291245Sheridan, Philip Henry (1831-1888)1873-1887
291246Sherman, John (1823-1900)1884-1897
291247Sherman, William Tecumseh (1820-1891)1870-1888
291248Shufeldt, Robert Wilson (1822-1895)1887
291249Silberrad, R. S. and Son1872
291250Sill, A. H.1866-1867
291251Silliman, Benjamin, Sr. (1779-1864)1857
291252Silliman, Benjamin (and Mrs.) (1816-1885)1859
291253Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. (1816-1885)1861-1863
291254Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. (1816-1885)1863-1881
291255Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. (1816-1885)1882
291256Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. (1816-1885)1883-1884
291257Simons, R.B.1870
291258Simpson, M.1873
291259Sinnickson, Robert1882
291260Skilton, George S.1879
291261Skilton, Julius A.1878-1885
291262Slocum, John P.1874
291263Small, Albert1884
291264Smedley Brothers and Co.1876
301265Smith, A.C.1879
301266Smith, A.J.1869
301267Smith, Albert1876
301268Smith, B.D.1872
301269Smith, Mrs. C.M.1892
301270Smith, Hoke (1855-1931)1893-1896
301271Smith, H.L.1892
301272Smith, J. August1880
301273Smith, Mrs. J. Laurence1884
301274Smith, John T.1870
301275Smith, Norman J.1894
301276Smith, O.M.1873-1874
301277Smith, Oberlin (1840-1926)1890
301278Smith, Royal R.1893
301279Smith, Samuel1873-1874
301280Smith, Samuel1875
301281Smith, Samuel1876-1877
301282Smith, Samuel1882-1883
301283Smith, William1874
301284Smith, William Manlius1877-1878
301285Smithsonian Institution1899
301286Smock, D. DuBols1869
301287Smyth, Egbert Coffin (1829-1904)1870
301288Snook, Sam H.1872-1875
301289Snow, Francis Huntington (1840-1908)1879
301290Somerby, H.G.1863-1865
301291Southwick, James M.1887
301292Spaeth, P. Friedrich Adoloh T. (1839-1910)1868
301293Spalding, James Field (1839-1921)1867
301294Spalding, William D.1867
301295Spencer, Herbert (1820-1903)1879-1893
301296Sperry, F.L.1886
301297Sperry, Lewis (1848-?)1892
301298Springer, William McKendree (1836-1903)1886
301299Stack, Rohert H.1874
301300Stager, Anson1873-1874
301301Stanford, Amasa Leland (1824-1893)1884-1886
301302Stanley, Arthur Penrvhn (1851-1881)1879
301303Stanton, Thaddeus H. (?-1900)1874-1876
301304Stanton, Timothy William (1860 - ?)1894
311305Stanton, George D.1876
311306Stayned, Arthur1889
311307Stearns, Joseph B.1884
311308Stearns, Robert Edwards Carter (1827-1909)1879
311309Stejneger, Leonhard Hess (1851-1943)1885
311310Sternberg, Charles H. (1850-1943)1884 Mar - Jun
311311Sternberg, Charles H. (1850-1943)1884 Jul
311312Sternberg, Charles H. (1850-1943)1884 Aug - Oct
311313Sternberg, Charles H. (1850-1943)1884 Nov - 1887 Dec
311314Stevens, James1885
311315Stevens, Richard F.1868
311316Stevens, Walter Le Cone (1847- ?)1872
311317Stevens Brothers1864-1865
311318Stevenson, James (1840-1888)1870-1886
311319Stevenson, John James (1841-1924)1878-1889
311320Stewart, Alexander Turney (1803-1876)1868
311321Stewart, William Morris (1827-1909)1892
311322Stiles, Charles Wardell (1867-1941)1893
311323Stilwell, L.W.1889-1890 Jul
311324Stilwell, L.W.1890 Sep - 1891
311325Stilwell, L.W.1892
311326Stilwell, L.W.1893-1897
311327Stilwell, L.W.1898-1899
311328Stimpson, H.H.1884-1885
311329Stimpson, William (1832-1872)1867
311330Stirling, E.C.1897
311331Stoddard, P.F.1899
311332Stokes, George Gabriel (1819-1903)1884
311333Stoughton, T.M.1866-1867
311334Stoughton, T.M.1868-1874
311335Stoughton, T.M.1875-1879
311336Stoughton, T.M.1884-1890
311337Stoughton, T.M.1891-1898
311338Stover, F.H.1890
311339Stowe, Lewis B.1869
311340Stratton, E.L.1870
321341Strong, S.S.1868-1870
321342Strong, S.S.1871
321343Strong, S.S.1872-1873
321344Strong, S.S.1874-1876
321345Strong, S.S.1877-1879
321346Strong, S.S.1880-1882
321347Struthers, John (1823-1899)1885
321348Struve, C.1892
321349Sturdy, E.W.1882
321350Sturgis, Russell (1836-1909)1874
321351Styles, Fannyno date
321352Suess, Edward (1831-1914)1896-1899
321353Sutter, John Augustus (1826-1897)1873-1874
321354Swallow, Georse Clinton (1817-1900)1868
321355Taintor, Charles Micaiell (1817-?)1870-1875
321356Tarr, H.G.H.1876
321357Tarrant, J.F.1870-1871
321358Taylor, Cadet1882
321359Taylor, Charles W.1887
321360Taylor, G.L.1884
321361Taylor, G.W.1868
321362Taylor, James H.1869
321363Taylor, William1887
321364Taylor, William Alex (1837-1912)1875
321365Teller, Henry Moore (1830-1914)1883
321366Tenney, Sanborn (1827-1877)1869-1872
321367Terrell, Jay1874
321368Terry, Henry T.1875
321369Terry, James1877-1882
321370Thacher, Thomas Anthony (1815-1886)1882
321371Thomas, N.G1889
321372Thomas, T.H.1888
321373Thomas, W.H.B.1869
321374Thompson, [Charles]1874
321375Thompson, Mary D.1893
321376Thompson, W.1885
321377Thornson, James (1815-1892)1876
321378Thurston, Robert Henry (1834-1903)1884
321379Tice and Lynch1898
321380Tfffany, A.S.1879-1891
321381Tiffany and Company1899
321382Tindell, Charles W.1901
321383Topinard, Paul (1830-1911)1888
321384Torrer, Alphonse1872-1873
321385Torrey, David (1818-1894)1869
321386Towner, H.C.1877-1878
321387Townsend, George Henry (?-1869)1869
321388Tracey, John G.1875
321389Travers, Henry H.1872
321390Trouessart, E.L.1879-1896
321391Trowbridge, John (1843-1923)1894-1895
321392Trowbridge, William Petit (1828-1892)1884-1890
321393Trubner and Company1881-1888
321394True, Frederick William (1858-1914)1885-1897
321395Trumbull, James Hamond (1821-1897)1886
331396Turner, Thomas J.1879
331397Turner, William (1832-1916)1885-1897
331398Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor1875-1885
331399Twichell, Joseph Hopkins (1838-1918)1869-1897
331400Tyndall, John (1820-1893)1879-1881
331401Tyson, Philip Thomas (1799-1877)1867
331402Uhler, Philip Reese (1835-1913)1866-1888
331403U.S. Geological Survey1892-1894
331404Utterback, W.H.1890-1891
331405Van Beneden, F.T.1881
331406Van der Brook, Ernest1899
331407Van Name, Addison (1835-1922)1874
331408Van Tyne, N.C.1887
331409Vanderbilt, Cornelius (1843-1899)1895-1896
331410Varney, A.L.1872
331411Vaux, Calvert (1824-1895)1866
331412Veltman, R.1871-1876
331413Verill, Addison Emery (1839-1926)1871-1892
331414Vibert, Charles W.1891
331415Viener, Carl1892
331416Vining, Edward Payson (1847-1920)1883
331417Virchow, Hans (1852-?)1893
331418Vogdes, Anthony Wayne (1843-?)1873-1874
331419Volkhausen, A1886
331420Vaorhies, I.C.1869-1874
331421Voy, C.D.1872
331422Wachsmuth, Charles1886
331423Wadsworth, James Wolcott (1846-1926)1871
331424Wakefield, George W.1887-1899
331425Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1868-1886
331426Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1891
331427Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1892
331428Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1893
331429Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1894
331430Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1895
331431Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1896
331432Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1897
331433Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1898 Jan - Apr
331434Walcott, Charles Doolittle (1850-1927)1898 May - 1899
331435Walker, Edward C.1868-1892
331436Walker, Francis Amassa (1840-1897)1873-1896
331437Walker, Thomas Alfred (1862-1935)1876
331438Wallace, Alfred Russell (1823-1913)1878-1887
331439Wallace, G.1872
331440Wallace, John1872-1875
331441Walsingham, Thomas de Grey (1843-1919)1881-1897
331442Walton, Walter1879
341443Ward, Frank A.1889-1898
341444Ward, George A.1895-1898
341445Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1868-1870
341446Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1871-1872
341447Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1873-1874
341448Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1875-1876
341449Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1877-1879
341450Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906)1880-1898
341451Ward, Henry L.1897-1899
341452Ward, Lester Frank (1841-1913)1894-1898
341453Ward, Lester Frank (1841-1913)1898-1899
341454Ward, Walter G.1888
341455Ware, R.M.1870-1871
341456Waring, Arthur B.1874
341457Waring, George Edwin (1833-1898)1878
341458Warman, Philip Creveling (1859-1908)1890-1896
341459Warner, Charles Dudley (1829-1900)1883
341460Warren, Gouverneur Kemble (1830-1882)1877
341461Waterbury, W.S.1896-1897
341462Waterous, Thomas C.1896
341463Watson, Edward1887
341464Watson, L,1873-1874
341465Webster, Arthur Gordon (1863-1923)1886
341466Webster, R.J.1870
341467Welch, Theodore F.1869
341468Weld, Mason Cogswell (1829-1887)1877
341469Welling, C.L.D.1893
341470Wells, H.F.1893-1894 Apr
341471Wells, H.F.1894 May - Dec
341472Wells, H.F.1895
341473Wells, H.F.1896-1897 Jul
341474Wells, H.F.1897 Aug - Dec
341475Wells, H.F.1898 Feb - May
341476Wells, H.F.1898 Jun - Nov
341477Wells, H.F.1898 Dec
341478Wells, Mrs. H.F.1899
351479Wells, J.M.1876
351480Wells, W.S.1877
351481Welsh, William1875-1877
351482Wertheimber, L.1897-1898
351483Westbrook, Richard Ward (1864-1932)1880-1887
351484Wetherby, A.G.1877
351485Wetmore, George Peabody (1863-1940)1869-1898
351486Whaler, Thomas1873
351487Wheatley, Charles M.1868
351488Wheeler, Charles Gilbert (1836-1912)1876-1879
351489Wheeler, C.L.1876
351490Wheeler, George Montague (1842-1905)1871-1876
351491Wheeler, John Davenport1884
351492White, Andrew Dickson (1832-1918)1893
351493White, Charles Ablather (1826-1910)1869-1894
351494White, date
351495White, J.1877
351496White, Thomas R. Jr.1890
351497Whitefield, Robert Parr (1828-1910)1868-1887
351498Whitney, Eli (1847-1924)1877
351499Whitney, Henry Mitchell (1843-1911)1873
351500Whitney, Josiah Dwight (1819-1896)1872
351501Whitney, William Collins (1841-1904)1885
351502Whittaker, John1871
351503Whittier, John G.1856
351504Whittridge, Worthington (1820-1910)1880-1887
351505Wieland, George Reber (1865-1953)1896-1898
351506Wieland, George R.1898 Aug - Sep
351507Wieland, George R.1898 Oct - 1899 Jan
351508Wilder, Burt Green (1841-1925)1875-1887
351509Wilder, Thomas B.1889
351510Wiley, S.L.1892
351511Willcox, Joseph1890
351512Willcox, N. A.1899
351513Willcox, Samuel A,1882
351514Willcox, Washington F.1892
351515Willey, George P.1874
351516Williams, A.R.1869
351517Williams, Albert (1852-1914)1882
351518Williams, Henry Shaler 0847-1918)1877-1893
351519Willis, E.1870
351520Williston, Frank H.1878-1880 May
351521Williston, Frank H.1880 Jun - Nov
351522Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1876
351523Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1877 Mar - Jun
351524Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1877 Jul - Oct
351525Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1877 Nov - Dec
351526Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1878
351527Williston, Samuel Wendell (1852-1918)1879-1885
351528Williston, Thomas1872
361529Willson, Edmund B.1889-1890
361530Wilson, Edward1889-1890
361531Wilson, George date
361532Wilson, J.N.1866-1869
361533Wilson, Thomas (1832-1902)1896
361534Winchell, Alexander (1824-1891)1866-1874
361535Winkler, Tiberius Cornelius (1822-1898)1881-1896
361536Winnett, F.B.1882
361537Winslow, J.C.1876-1879
361538Winthrop, Robert Charles (1809-1894)1866-1887
361539Wise and Ripley1877
361540Wolcott, C.1892-1895
361541Wolcott, Mabel E.1892-1896
361542Flood, M.W.1876
361543Woodbury, William H.1875
361544Woodman, H.T.1869
361545Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-?)1892-1897
361546Woodward, Ellen S.1899
361547Woodward, Henry (1832-1921)1875-1893
361548Woodward, Henry (1832-1921)1894-1899
361549Woodward, R.B.1871
361550Wooley, J.B.1899
361551Woolsey, Theodore Dwight (1801-1889)1868
361552Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury (1852-1929)1876
361553Worhen, Amos Henry (1813-1888)1871-1877
361554Wortman, Jacob L.1879-1881
361555Wright, Arthur Williams (1836-1915)1871
361556Wright, Bryce M.1871-1873
361557Wright, Bryce M.1874-1877
361558Wright, Edward Perceval (1834-1910)1887
361559Wright, W.G.1883
361560Wurts, Charles Pemberton (1859-?)1903
361561Wyckoff, William1874
361562Wyman, Jeffries (1814-1874)1862-1872
361563Yarrow, Henry Crecy (1840-1929)1874-1875
361564Yates, Lorenzo Gordin (1837-1909)1872-1889
361565Youmans, William Jay (1838-1901)1876
361566Youmans, Edward Livingston (1821-1887)1882
361567Young, Charles Augustus (1834-1908)1882-1894
361568Zeltner, A. de1872
361569Ziegler, Harry D.1872
361570Zittel, Karl Alfred, ritter von (1839-1904)1880-1896