2012 Mid-Continent Paleobotanical Colloquium (MPC-29) will be held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut on May 11-13, 2012, under the joint sponsorship of the Department of Geology and Geophysics, Peabody Museum of Natural History, The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and YIBS. Following the recent successful pattern for these meetings, we plan for registration and an opening reception in the afternoon and evening of Friday, May 11, a full day of papers and poster presentations on Saturday, May 12th, and an informal field trip to Dinosaur State Park and to Connecticut’s Petrified Forest on Sunday morning, May 13. And, of course, we will be holding our annual banquet and awards dinner on Saturday evening. Other attractions include Peabody Museum’s fossil exhibits; new Cretaceous Garden; behind the scenes tours of its recently constructed state-of-the-art collections facility; the Marsh Botanical Garden; incomparable pizza; and the quaint ambience of a post-industrial New England town; not to mention the chance to get together and share some of the latest paleobotanical research with your colleagues in a relaxed and informal setting.


Leo Hickey, Organizer

MPC-29, 2012




       Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University

       Peabody Museum of Natural History

       The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies