The Canyon Diablo Meteorite
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Canyon Diablo
Canyon Diablo, iron meteorite (YPM MET.000400); picture width: 75 cm

One of the most interesting meteorites that North America has produced is Canyon Diablo. Not only is it crammed with all sorts of meteoritic minerals, it also contains diamonds—almost microscopic, to be sure. About 30 tons of pieces of this iron meteorite have been collected since 1891 in the vicinity of Meteor Crater in Arizona, all that remains of the original mass (perhaps 50,000 tons, by some estimates) that collided with the earth thousands of years ago. The Peabody’s second largest meteorite, Canyon Diablo measures about 2 feet across and weighs 826 pounds (375 kilograms). It was presented to the Yale Peabody Museum in memory of Elias Loomis by his sons and friends.