Woods Hole Key to Invertebrates (annotated)
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Keys to Marine Invertebrates of the Woods Hole Region



Keys to Marine Invertebrates of the Woods Hole Region


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1203483.


“Keys to the Invertebrates of the Woods Hole Region” was originally published by the Marine Biological Laboratory (1964) during the early stages of the Systematic Ecology Program (1962-1969) under the direction of Melbourne Carriker.  The original issue was compiled and edited by Ralph I. Smith and remains as a still valuable resource for those studying the New England marine fauna.  The current digitally linked and annotated version of the key was produced and edited by Eric A. Lazo-Wasem and Daniel J. Drew, Peabody Museum of Natural History. 




This electronic resource is to be DOWNLOADED (right click, save) and accessed as any PDF document on the desktop.  Image links will not show correctly when accessing the document over the internet due to PDF limitations.  However, pressing an image link will access images over the web, and therefore a browser will be used when a link is pressed.  The images have been formatted to show correctly when Google Chrome is the default browser.  Other browsers (IE, Firefox Mozilla) will produce unpredictable results. 


The current version 1.0 will be updated periodically with newer versions, as new images become available for more taxa and as taxonomic names change.  The names in use were updated from various sites, primarily WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species) and are current as of September, 2016.