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New Dioramas Opened Today

June 20, 2018

The Mule Deer and the Alaskan Brown Bear dioramas were opened this morning with help from a local glass company, Whalley Glass. Four strong-backed guys from Whalley Glass picked up the two large panes of glass like it was nothing. Now all three dioramas are open and three large, heavy panes of glass are standing upright in front of the Bison diorama. I am always surprised how much dust accumulates on the inside of the glass. You can’t see it until the glass comes off, but you can really tell when the clean glass is reinstalled. The dioramas always look brighter.
Mule Deer opening

Just before the glass was removed from the Mule Deer diorama.

My agenda is to re-color both the bears and the mule deer. I also want to recolor the ground cover in the foreground of the bear diorama so it matches the ground cover color in the background painting. I will go to the collection later today and get study skins for the bear and the mule deer. I will spend some time poking around in the dioramas to see if there is something else that might need to be done. There are a few small taxidermy mounts and a lizard cast that I will check to make sure they have no insect damage or faded color.

A. B. Bear opening

Just before the glass was removed from the Alaskan Brown Bear diorama.

I don’t think there will be a lot of work to do beyond the re-coloring, so these dioramas probably won’t be open for a long time and they will be fully restored quickly. Then again, you never know what you will run into…



Taken from the following blog: Museum Model Making at Yale Peabody