The Yale College Scientific Expedition of 1873
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Yale Students on the 1873 Expedition

William Constantine Beecher, ’72
Henry Grant Cheney, ex-’75 S
Clark Dewing, ’74
Henry W. Farnam, ’74, M.A. ’76
Oscar Harger, ’68
David H. Huntington, ’73
H. Evelyn Knight, ’71
C.G. Knox, ’73
William Mayo Newhall, ’76 S
Henry A. Oaks, ’75
T. Mitchell Prudden, ’72, M.D. ’75, LL.D. ’97
A.B. Waring.
Frederick S. Wicks, ’73

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The Expedition

The fourth and last of the Yale College Student Expeditions was outfitted at Fort McPherson on the North Platte River in Nebraska, and left on June 12 escorted by 2 companies of the Third Cavalry, a supporting column of the Eighth Cavalry, and 2 guides. These guides were Ed Lane, who had served in this capacity the previous year, and Hank Clifford, who later collected for O.C. Marsh for several years, and who married the daughter of Chief Red Cloud.

The expedition spent a month collecting primarily in the Miocene of north central Nebraska. After their return to Fort McPherson, the expedition moved on to Fort Bridger and spent a week and a half collecting Eocene material. From Fort Bridger, they traveled on to Salt Lake City for a short rest. Part of the expedition then continued to the John Day Basin, where they collected for several weeks. Continuing down the Columbia River, they eventually caught a steamer to San Francisco and headed back east overland, stopping briefly in Kansas to collect. According to Marsh’s biographers, this expedition collected 5 tons of fossils, and other material, for the Yale Peabody Museum.