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Who Was Who in the History of the Yale Peabody Museum

This compendium of short documents compiled from the Yale Peabody Museum Archives details the lives and contributions of people affiliated with the Peabody Museum of Natural History and its collections. Many of the individuals featured here were members of the Museum’s curatorial staff, or were instrumental in the development of natural history teaching and research at Yale University.


Stanley C. Ball
Cornelius Osgood
Charles E. Beecher
John H. Ostrom
Henry Payne Bingham
Albert E. Parr
Hiram Bingham III
George Peabody
George J. Brush
Alexander Petrunkevich
Katherine J. Bush
Grace Pickford
Wesley R. Coe
Derek J. de Solla Price
James D. Dana
William Harlow Reed
Carl O. Dunbar
Charles L. Remington
Amos Eaton
S. Dillon Ripley III
Daniel C. Eaton
Irving Rouse
Horatio N. Fenn
Charles Schuchert
Oscar Harger
William B. Scott
John B. Hatcher
Charles Sibley
G. Evelyn Hutchinson
Benjamin Silliman
Glenn L. Jepsen
William J. Sinclair
Beverley W. Kunkel
Sidney I. Smith
Arthur Lakes
Addison E. Verrill
Richard S. Lull
Karl M. Waage
George G. MacCurdy
George R. Wieland
Othniel C. Marsh Rudolph F. Zallinger
Benjamin Mudge


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