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The Bead Society of Greater Washington (BSGW) was founded in 1983. A centerpiece of the society’s collection was the bead time line exhibit assembled in 2000 and partially published in James W. Lankton’s 2003 book "A Bead Timeline, Volume I: Prehistory to 1200 CE." After the BSGW closed its museum in 2008, the collection, including the bead time line, was generously donated to the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University in New Haven, CT. The bead collection is being integrated into the museum’s division of anthropology and cataloged in the Peabody Museum’s data base. In the future we hope to exhibit the time line or portions of it. In the interim, images of portions of the collection are posted in this gallery.

ANT.294091: Bead. Six layer large red, white and blue chevron in used, but good condition. 7 cm perforation (not drilled) straight through end to end. Venice, Italy. Date: 1920 circa.

ANT.294097: Bead. One purple glass flat-edge bicone bead with lavender overlay; it has 10 facets and a crumb glass ring around the middle. Date: c. 1930 to c. 1950.

ANT.294111: Bead. Spiral glass swirl from France (54a2). Silver metal over wound glass. Glass made in France, overlay of metal in China. 28 mm along perforation, 15 mm across. France. Date: 1992 circa.

ANT.294117: Bead. Glass bead found at the Diakite site in Senegal. Date: 18th Century.

ANT.294124: Bead. Small kiffa bead with spherical blue-white-yellow-red stripes that are slightly combed. 54d5. 7 mm hole to hole; 10.9 mm wide. Mauritania. Date: 1900's.

ANT.294132: Bead. Borosilicate feathered large flattened round bead, hand blown-red orange, beige colored glass rods on tubing technique. Smooth surface-2 holes on one side to allow for hanging as a center bead-cum-pendant. USA. Date: 2004 CE.

ANT.294155: Bead. Flameworked glass bead entitled 'Positive Thinking, Red' part of a new series Postive Thinking which is deliberately rich in color and texture representing the firing of a neuron that forms vesicles (blue foil backed dots) which then fire molecules shoot. United Kingdom. Date: 2004 CE.

ANT.294201: Bead strand. A 24 in. strand of molded Czech beads varying from 4/16 to 6/16 in. diameter, of varying blue, yellow color with a few cut from striped Venetian canes. Probably strung in Africa. A few samples of each type of bead kept. Czechoslovakia. Date: 1920 CE circa to 1970 CE circa.

ANT.294277: Bead. Handpainted terra cotta bead with abstract animal figures. Peru. Date: 1960 CE.

ANT.294340: Bead. Bakelite metal barrell c 1930 from Rousselet, France. Date: c. 1930.

ANT.295054: Bead. One small amber glass bead and one large yellow truncated bicone bodom bead with serpentine surface design. Odumase, Krobo, Ghana, West Africa. Date: 2000 to 2006.

ANT.295375: A large bone disc with dot-in-circle designs.

ANT.295493: A group of sixteen small carnelian beads.