Audio Tour
Audio Tour Guide

The Yale Peabody Museum is proud to unveil its first ever, free-of-charge, 70-minute audio tour featuring an insider’s look at some of our most popular specimens and exhibitions.


There are 2 ways to listen in:


Stop by the front desk in the Peabody lobby to pick up an automated wand.


Download the audio tour files HERE to load into your own MP3 player [61.7 MB zip archive].


Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, we invite you to take this new journey through the Museum exploring Brontosaurus, Turkana Boy in the Fossil Fragments hall, or the art of mummification in Daily Life In Ancient Egypt, among other Peabody highlights.





The Yale Peabody Museum gratefully thanks Lucille Alderman for her generous support of this project, and Dody Gall for her tireless energy and inspiration.