Peabody Connects With New Haven Community

By Steven Scarpa, Associate Director of Marketing and Commun

The Yale Peabody Museum has entered into a new period of increased connection with the greater New Haven community, both inside the museum and out.

Admission is now free and will be in perpetuity. In addition, Peabody staff members are building partnerships with organizations including the New Haven Free Public Library, the New Haven Public Schools, and more.

“Not only do we want to be a place where cutting edge research and thought-provoking exhibitions happen, but we want to be a place that feels open and inviting to the New Haven community,” said director David Skelly. “That starts with going out and meeting people where they are.”

Peabody youth educators will be participating in events across the city this summer, including Quinnipiac River Festival, Chill at the Mill, and events with the Branford Land Trust and City Seed Farmers Market.

Their next public outing will be at the Juneteenth New Haven family event, taking place from noon to 6 pm at the CT Violence Intervention Center, located at 230 Ashmun Street.

Andrea Motto, Assistant Director of Public Education & Outreach, and Maya Gant, Interim Assistant Manager of Youth Engagement, will be among those representing the Peabody across the city. The duo explained that the museum is more than just exhibits – it’s a community of educators and young scientists passionate about their work.

What kind of offerings will the Peabody have at these events?

Maya: We bring a group of energetic and uber intelligent high school students to interpret on STEM related topics relevant to the museum. They bring touchable fossils, shells, and poop! We try to always incorporate a craft to be able to bring something from us home. We are so lucky to have an active team that wants to bring what they have learned at the Peabody to every outreach event we can participate in. 

Andrea: It's pretty cool to touch real things, and so bringing real specimens and artifacts from the Peabody Museum collections gives learners a chance to be up close and personal, and to create memorable and unique moments. We bring a table full of artifacts from various museum collections, as well as arts and crafts activities and info about the museum. 

Why is it important for YPM to be out in the community?

Andrea: We want to have relationships with people and organizations around New Haven so that we can build mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations. We want to come out to where people are already spending their time and see how we can support those leisure and learning activities. And we want to meet people, in the hopes that they will see some familiar faces when they come to the museum. 

Maya: It is imperative to be proximate. It is amazing to have your doors open to folks and let them experience all that your organization has to offer. But to be able to meet the community where they are at, shows a camaraderie and it allows a trust to be built. It lets the people of New Haven know that they are welcomed and deserving of being part of this space, and that we are so honored to be a part of this city.

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Last updated on June 21, 2024

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