New Tools to Fight Climate Change

Peabody Science Café

Thursday, February 24 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm

  • Talk
  • Free admission

Climate change is a threat unparalleled in both its scale and complexity. Carbon capture is one tactic for mitigating its effects. At this Science Café, experts from different fields will discuss ways that dependable, cost-effective, and adaptable strategies can remove and capture carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. What natural processes have inspired their research? Which can inform the development of tools for a sustainable future? Delve into the discussion with our panelists and find out about some of the latest scientific advances to combat climate change.

Join us for another virtual Peabody Science Café, a series dedicated to informal conversations with scholars on natural history themes.

Guest speakers:

Nilay Hazari
Professor, Yale Department of Chemistry

Craig Brodersen
Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology, Yale School of the Environment