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Student Spotlight - Sarah Adams

Our next Student Spotlight is Sarah Adams! Sarah is a senior majoring in environmental studies, with a concentration in environmental humanities. She has been working in the Peabody’s Vertebrate Zoology collections since the fall of her freshman year. This past summer, Sarah participated in a Peabody internship and documented her journey in a blog called “YPMdendrites”. On her blog, Sarah documented her research of the history and stories of the collections and archives in the Invertebrate Zoology Division.


We asked Sarah why she picked “Dendrites”, which means the branching of nerve cells or crystals, as the title of the blog. She explained that it, “comes from the way that Eric, the collections manager of Invertebrate Zoology, describes the stories of the specimens and collections as having 'dendritic' qualities. I thought it was a great word because it shows just how things can be connected to each other: from person to person, to specimen and expedition, the stories quickly branch out and extend into the broader history of the division and the Peabody Museum.” 


In her time at the Peabody, Sarah has worked in the Vertebrate Zoology division and participated in a summer internship in Invertebrate Zoology. She also gives Behind-the-Scenes collections tours to the public and Yale groups, and has spent time working in the Peabody’s Student Programs Office. Sarah describes the Peabody as a “socially fluid space; there’s a community between the collections and the rest of the museum”. 


Sarah works to share this community with others. She says “I tell my friends about the Peabody all the time! It is exciting to work on events that draw students to the museum. Last spring, I worked on an event called Music at the Museum where we had five different student music groups spread out and performing throughout the museum and students could go around and walk through and see the different groups.” Through her blog, work, and tours, Sarah shares her love of the Peabody with others and continues to document the stories she finds along the way. 


Written by Natalie Boyer '21 and Lucy Duran Camacho '22, February 2020