Yale Peabody Museum Summer Internships
Addison Emery Verrill, first Curator of Zoology, Yale Peabody Museum

Invertebrate Zoology Communications Internship

Advisors: Eric Lazo-Wasem (Senior Collections Manager, YPM Division of Invertebrate Zoology) and Professor Casey Dunn (YPM Curator of Invertebrate Zoology)

eric.lazo-wasem@yale.edu, casey.dunn@yale.edu

Length: 8 weeks in the summer


Project Description:

The Peabody Division of Invertebrate Zoology has a rich history with many powerful stories about past expeditions, wonderful (and often eccentric) people who have worked with the collections, and of course millions of specimens with their own tales to tell. We seek a science communication intern to capture these stories, document them, and communicate them through a variety of media. Activities would include:


  • Interviewing division staff to identify the most compelling themes and stories
  • Developing the stories through historical research in our library, collections, and external sources
  • Photographing relevant specimens
  • Developing a catalog of tweets that showcase these stories. These would then be distributed throughout the following year. Some tweets would be stand-alone, others would cluster around themes.
  • Writing up other stories in longer formats, such as a short magazine article

Our motivation for this project is several-fold. Much of the division history is in the memory of collections manager Eric Lazo-Wasem, and it is critical to write it down. He can provide broad overviews for the intern to then refine and fill in. This is essential to preserving the history, and historical context, of the IZ collections. The other motivation is to add value to the collections by increasing awareness and excitement about them. They are in ideal vehicle for communicating to a wide audience what is in the collections and why it matters.


Stipend: $3000


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