Featured Student

Summer Internship Blogs!

We're currently featuring the work of a few of our 2016 summer research interns, via their very cool blogs.



Claire Gottsegen ('18) was awarded the "Phylogenomics and the Evolution of North American Freshwater Fishes" summer internship. Her research involves the generation of phylogenetic trees (evolutionary relationships) using molecular data from North American fishes. Among other things, Claire is learning DNA sequence collection and analysis, phylogenetic analyses, and best practices for museum sampling and curation.


Spineless Wonders: Wrangling Invertebrates in Long Island Sound

Romy Carpenter ('18) is spending the summer working on "The Ecophysiology of Eutrophication: Physiological Response of Long Island Sound Invertebrates and Protists to Environmental Stress". Her study includes frequent excursions to the field, physiological measurements on a range of Long Island Sound protists and invertebrates in the lab, and specimen curation in the YPM Division of Invertebrate Zoology.


Unearthing the Petrified Forest National Park

Howie Xu ('17) accompanied the YPM Paleontology divisions on their annual "Fossil Vertebrate and Plant Collecting Expedition" in Petrified Forest National Park, AZ. Howie worked with experienced staff, former and current Yale students, and volunteers to uncover Triassic (225 million year old) fossils in the beautiful Painted Desert.