Curricula - Event-Based Teacher Collaborative

This page contains event-based curriculum mini-units designed by teachers and museum educators through the Yale Peabody Museum's Event-Based Teacher Collaborative, July 2010 through November 2012. Many of the mini-units have accompanying kits of specimens and materials that teachers can borrow from the Museum - please contact if interested, or with other questions. The Event-Based Teachers Collaborative was made possible by a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


If you are not familiar with the event-based science model, please read the following short document first!


Event-Based Science Basics


Science Units


Invaders! Impacts of Invasive Species on Food Webs and Ecosystem

(CT Science Standard 6.2)

Invaders! mini-unit

Discovery Files

Species list for biomes activity

Screen Shot of news footage

Asian Longhorned Beetle image

Emerald Ash Borer image


Animal Olympics (CT Science Standard 10.5)


Thirst! (CT Science Standard 9.8)


Rude Crude (CT Science Standard 9.8)



Social Studies Units


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