Curricula - Connecticut Geology Guide
Simplified CT Geology Map

The Connecticut Geology Guide is a curriculum unit compiled and written by the Yale Peabody Museum and four Connecticut teachers in support of the State of Connecticut Science Framework Standard 7.3. This standard is about the major geologic forces that shaped the land - tectonic processes, glaciation, weathering and erosion. The unit is designed to be taught in three weeks. It was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation to Principal Investigators Jay J. Ague and Jane Pickering. Click on the links below for the guide and accompanying documents:


Connecticut Geology Guide (pdf)

Earth Timeline PowerPoint (ppt)

CT Timeline cards (pdf)

Reading the Landscape Online Student Worksheet (pdf)

CT Geologic Sites numbered map (pdf)


For Peabody Fellows teachers in Connecticut, an accompanying kit of specimens, equipment and materials is available to borrow from the Museum.


CT Rocks! is a unique, interactive series of Virtual Field Investigations throughout the state of Connecticut. Expert geologists lead students through geologic sites with short videos and various "tools" that allow students to become a geologist and explore each location. Students are encouraged to record observations about their virtual field investigations and answer questions about what they see, attempting to answer the overall question, "What happened in the past to cause the geologic features you see today?" Contact us for the passwords that are required to view the wrap-up videos.


For more information, please contact Jim Sirch at or (203) 432-6919.