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Migration in the Balance

This page houses the Event-Based Curriculum mini-unit "Migration in the Balance", developed collaboratively by Yale Peabody Museum educators and a team of five Connecticut teachers:


Tracy Ajello, Doolittle Elementary School, Cheshire, CT

Carmen Andrews, Cooperative Educational Services, Bridgeport, CT

Vicki Climie, Branford High School, Branford, CT

Deanna Pucillo, Harry M. Bailey Middle School, West Haven, CT

Carrie Seiden, Totoket Valley Elementary School, North Branford, CT


The mini-unit is still in draft form, and is currently only available via the individual files given below. There is an accompanying kits of specimens and materials that teachers can borrow from the Museum - please contact if interested, or with other questions. The Collaborative on Global Change was made possible by a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


General Documents

Discovery Files, migratory species

Discovery Files, other

What's For Dinner? [Food Web Activity]

Caught in the Web [Food Chain/Bioaccumulation Game]

123 Migrate [Migration Game]

Global Warming in a Tray [Greenhouse Effect Experiment]

Postcards Along the Way