The Cretaceous Garden
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The Cretaceous Garden as it will look in 10 years. Drawing by Laura Freedman
First snow on newly-opened Cretaceous Garden 10-31-11
One print of the replicated trackway of an approximately 26-foot-long, 2 ton meat-eating dinosaur

With the tremendous support of John Hawkinson, M.D. (Yale '54), Sallye Stephenson, the Suzio York Hill Companies, and the 2010-11 O.C. Marsh Fellows, the Yale Peabody Museum has just opened the "Cretaceous Garden" which is filled with plants from the Cretaceous period (65-144 million years ago) when Torosaurus lived.  Here are some photos, and if you are interested in supporting the planting of more vegetation, please call 203-432-3452.