Creating the Peabody’s Torosaurus
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Creating the Peabody's Torosaurus

Creating the Peabody’s Torosaurus: Dinosaur Science, Dinosaur Art

As seen on Connecticut Public Television

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How do you make a dinosaur? This is the story of pushing scientific boundaries and meeting creative challenges to create the most accurate sculpture to date of the horned dinosaur Torosaurus, an animal that lived 66 million years ago!

Dinosaur Science Meets Dinosaur Art
The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History brought together paleontologists, zoologists and an army of artists and volunteers to create a 21-foot life-size bronze sculpture of Torosaurus. Narrated by the primary scientific advisor of the project, Peabody Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology Jacques Gauthier, this film follows sculptor Michael Anderson as he worked with leading experts in paleontology and animal anatomy to translate current knowledge into a realistic reconstruction of this Cretaceous dinosaur.

From Clay to Bronze
Sculpting this knowledge into a one-third scale model, Anderson oversaw the transformation of his work into a life-size version made from over one ton of clay. Watch the statue take shape from mold-making through casting at the foundry. Relive the excitement as the final 7,350-pound sculpture is lowered onto its 13-foot, 70-ton base of Stony Creek granite, the same granite used for the base of the Statue of Liberty. Torosaurus stands as a symbol of the Yale Peabody Museum’s commitment to science and exploration and advancing our understanding of the natural world.

The Torosaurus Project was made possible through the generous support of Elizabeth R. and Stanford N. Phelps (Yale '56) and their grandchildren Max, Garrett and Ford.

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Directed and edited by
Ann Johnson Prum
Produced and written by
Ann Johnson Prum and Karyl Evans
Cinematography Sebastian Neville
Music Dan Finnegan
Sound Editing Michael Gochanour
On Line Editor Dave Digiovanni
Post Production Support Kevin Jefko

DVD. Running time: 30 minutes
January 2006. Yale Peabody Museum.
ISBN 9780912532738