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Evolving Form and Function: Fossils and Development
New Perspectives on the Origin and Early Evolution of Birds
Brachiopod Genera

From time to time the Yale Peabody Museum publishes books on topics related to past exhibitions and other areas of interest. The following books are currently available through the Publications Office.


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Evolving Form and Function: Fossils and Development

Proceedings of a symposium honoring Adolf Seilacher for his contributions to paleontology, in celebration of his 80th birthday


Edited by Derek EG Briggs


2005. 288 pages, 76 figures, 2 tables, index
ISBN-10: 0-912532-72-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-912532-76-1


New Perspectives on the Origin and Early Evolution of Birds 

Proceedings of the international symposium in honor of John H. Ostrom


Edited by Jacques Gauthier and Lawrence F. Gall


2001. 613 pages, 156 figures, 13 tables, 13 appendices, index

ISBN 0-912532-57-2



Brachiopod Genera of the Suborders Orthoidea and Pentameroidea 

By Charles Schuchert and G. Arthur Cooper


Memoirs of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Vol. 4, Part 1.
pp. i–xii, 1-270, pls. A and 1–29, text figs. 1–36.
1932. Paperback. Original edition, sold “as is.”



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