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Ideas and Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas

An occasional supplement to the Journal of Marine Research


The editors are pleased to announce that the Journal of Marine Research is now publisher of the long-standing and well-respected oceanographic series The Sea.


The Sea is a continuing, comprehensive, and timely synthesis of the state of knowledge of ocean science. Topics that have been addressed in this series include physical, biological, and chemical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics, and the interactions of the oceans with the atmosphere, the solid earth, and ice.


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THE SEA Volume 18

The Current and Future Ocean

Advancing Science from Plankton to Whales —
Celebrating the Contributions of James J. McCarthy


Journal of Marine Research 77, Supplement

Publication: December 2019


Edited by

Patricia M. Glibert, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Mark A. Altabet, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Joseph P. Montoya, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Jr., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


This volume of The Sea is a homage to James J. McCarthy and the many facets of his career, which have been an important influence on the fields of biological oceanography and global climate change.




THE SEA Volume 17

The Science of Ocean Prediction

Journal of Marine Research 75, Supplement

707 pages, 180 figures

6 x 9.5 inches, paperback

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Edited by

Nadia Pinardi, University of Bologna

Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kenneth H. Brink, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Ruth H. Preller, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center


This volume of The Sea aims to document the current state of the art in all facets of this broad subject of the science of ocean prediction.


This supplement is concerned with the systematic development of fundamental knowledge about ocean dynamics in the form of testable ocean models and estimation systems that relate to forecasting the ocean’s evolution. Articles cover the scientific understanding and fundamentals that define and allow the ocean prediction endeavor, as well as the implementation of concepts and methods in predictive system components and their applications to varied oceanographic services.


Table of contents


Preface: A New Era for The Sea

by Kenneth H. Brink and James J. McCarthy


List of Contributors


The Sea: The Science of Ocean Prediction

by Nadia Pinardi, Pierre F. J. Lermusiaux, Kenneth H. Brink, and Ruth H. Preller


From Weather to Ocean Predictions: An Historical Viewpoint

by Nadia Pinardi, Luigi Cavaleri, Giovanni Coppini, Pierre De May, Claudia Fratianni,

John M. Huthnance, Pierre F. J. Lermusiaux, Antonio Navarra, Ruth Preller, and Stefano Tibaldi


Some Considerations about Coastal Ocean Observing Systems

by Kenneth H. Brink and Anthony R. Kirincich


Tidal Prediction

by Gary D. Egbert and Richard D. Ray


Advanced Wave Modeling, Including Wave-Current Interaction

by Alexander V. Babanin, Andre van der Westhuysen, Dmitry Chalikov, and W. Erick Rogers


Recent Advances in Nearshore Wave, Circulation, and Sediment Transport Modeling

by James T. Kirby


Modeling and Forecasting the “Weather of the Ocean” at the Mesoscale

by Anne Marie Treguier, Eric P. Chassignet, Arnaud Le Boyer, and Nadia Pinardi


Data Assimilation for Initialization of Seasonal Forecasts

by Magdalena A. Balmaseda


Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Modeling and Predictions

by Arthur J. Miller, Mat Collins, Silvio Gualdi, Tommy G. Jensen, Vasu Misra, Luciano Ponzi Pezzi,David W. Pierce, Dian Putrasahan, Hyodae Seo, and Yu-Heng Tseng


Forecast Errors, Goodness, and Verification in Ocean Forecasting

by Gary B. Brassington


Modeling and Forecasting Ocean Acoustic Conditions

by Timothy F. Duda


Ocean Forecasting for Wave Energy Production

by Alexis Mérigaud, Victor A. Ramos, Francesco Paparella, and John V. Ringwood


Ocean Dynamics

by Gregg Jacobs and Baylor Fox-Kemper


Numerical Modelling in a Multiscale Ocean

by Dale B. Haidvogel, Enrique N. Curchitser, Sergey Danilov, and Baylor Fox-Kemper


Reconstructing the Recent Past Ocean Variability: Status and Perspective

by Simona Masina and Andrea Storto


A Future for Intelligent Autonomous Ocean Observing Systems

by P. F. J. Lermusiaux, D. N. Subramani, J. Lin, C. S. Kulkarni, A. Gupta,

A. Dutt, T. Lolla, P. J. Haley, Jr., W. H. Ali, C. Mirabito, and S. Jana


Issues in Stochastic Ocean Modeling

by Cecile Penland and Antonio Navarra


Coupled Ice-Ocean Modeling and Predictions

by Laurent Bertino and Marika M. Holland


Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Forecasting at Short and Medium Time Scales

by Julie Pullen, Richard Allard, Hyodae Seo, Arthur J. Miller, Shuyi Chen, Luciano Ponzi Pezzi, Travis Smith, Philip Chu, José Alves, and Rui Caldeira


Oil Spill Forecasting (Prediction)

by George Zodiatis, Robin Lardner, Tiago M. Alves, Yiannis Krestenitis, Leonidas Perivoliotis, Sarantis Sofianos, and Katerina Spanoudaki


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