Postilla Back Issues

Published from 1950 to 2004, Postilla short papers are based on original scientific research by Yale Peabody Museum staff and research associates, and their colleagues, in the natural science disciplines represented by the collections of the Yale Peabody Museum's curatorial divisions. The Postilla series ceased independent publication with Issue 232 and has been incorporated into the Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, beginning with Volume 47.

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Postilla 1
Notes on Indian birds, III: Birds from Assam
Ripley, S.D. 1950. 4 pp.

Postilla 2
Rare migration and wintering records from the Yucatan Peninsula
Paynter, R., Jr. 1950. 7 pp.

Postilla 3
A small collection of birds from Argentine Tierra del Fuego
Ripley, S.D. 1950. 1 pp.

Postilla 4
A new tanager from Mexico
Paynter, R., Jr. 1950. 2 pp.

Postilla 5
A large pycnodont from the Niobrara Chalk
Gregory, J.T. 1950. 10 pp.

Postilla 6
Notes on Indian birds, IV. Some recently collected birds from Assam
Ripley, S.D. 1951. 7 pp.

Postilla 7
New passerine birds from the Indo-Chinese sub-region
Deignan, H.G. 1951. 4 pp.

Postilla 8
Bassaricus in Miocene faunas and Potamotherium lycopotamicum Cope
Gregory, J.T. and T. Downs. 1951. 10 pp.

Postilla 9
Birds collected and noted round Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrein Island
Ripley, S.D. 1951. 11 pp.

Postilla 10
Three birds from the mountains of Muscat
Ripley, S.D. 1951. 2 pp.

Postilla 11
Geographical variation in Garrulax sannio Swinhoe
Deignan, H.G. 1952. 5 pp.

Postilla 12
A new genus of thrush from eastern Africa
Ripley, S.D. 1952. 2 pp.

Postilla 13
The thrushes
Ripley, S.D. 1952. 48 pp.

Postilla 14
A new race of Black-throated Babbler from Assam
Ripley, S.D. 1952. 2 pp.

Postilla 15
Typothorax scutes from Germany
Gregory, J.T. 1953. 6 pp.

Postilla 16
Typothoras and Desmatosuchus
Gregory, J.T. 1953. 27 pp.

Postilla 17
Notes on Indian birds, V
Ripley, S.D. 1953. 4 pp.

Postilla 18
Three new birds from the Yucatan Peninsula
Paynter, R., Jr. 1954. 4 pp.

Postilla 19
Birds from Gough Island
Ripley, S.D. 1954. 6 pp.

Postilla 20
Notes on Indian birds, VI. Additional comments on the Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis
Ripley, S.D. 1954. 4 pp.

Postilla 21
A new fruit pigeon from the Philippines
Ripley, S.D. and D.S. Rabor. 1955. 2 pp.

Postilla 22
Additions to the ornithogeography of the Yucatan Peninsula
Paynter, R., Jr. 1955. 4 pp.

Postilla 23
A new White-throated Spinetail from western Brazil
Ripley, S.D. 1955. 2 pp.

Postilla 24
A thresher shark from Long Island Sound
Morrow, J.E. 1955. 3 pp.

Postilla 25
Avifauna of the Jorullo region, Michoacan, Mexico
Paynter, R., Jr. 1956. 12 pp.

Postilla 26
Cuban bird notes
Ripley, S.D. and G.E. Watson, 3rd. 1956. 6 pp.

Postilla 27
Meteorites in the collections of Yale University
Servos, K. 1956. 6 pp.

Postilla 28
The species Notharctus from the Middle Eocene
Robinson, P. 1957. 27 pp.

Postilla 29
A redefinition of the subspecies of Fodiator acutus
Morrow, J.E. 1957. 11 pp.

Postilla 30
Notes on the Horned Coot, Fulica cornuta Bonaparte
Ripley, S.D. 1957. 7 pp.

Postilla 31
New birds from the western Papuan islands
Ripley, S.D. 1957. 4 pp.

Postilla 32
Additional notes on the Horned Coot, Fulica cornuta Bonaparte
Ripley, S.D. 1957. 2 pp.

Postilla 33
On a new species of Anisops (Hemiptera, Notonectidae) from the Moluccas
Hutchinson, G.E. 1957. 4 pp.

Postilla 34
Notes on an additional example of the fruit bat, Scotonycter isophiodon Pohle
Novick, A. 1958. 5 pp.

Postilla 35
Notes on Indian birds, VII
Ripley, S.D. 1958. 12 pp.

Postilla 36
On the doubtful validity of Tachypleus hoeveni Pocock, an Indonesian horseshoe crab (Xiphosura)
Waterman, T.H. 1958. 17 pp.

Postilla 37
A note on the Firethroat and the Blackthroated Robin
Ripley, S.D. 1958. 17 pp.

Postilla 38
Comments on birds from the western Papuan islands
Ripley, S.D. 1959. 17 pp.

Postilla 39
On Makaira nigricans of Lacepede
Morrow, J.E., Jr. 1959. 12 pp.

Postilla 40
A new species of Grammatostomias (family Melanostomiatidae) from the western North Atlantic
Morrow, J.E., Jr. 1959. 4 pp.

Postilla 41
Birds from Djailolo, Halmahera
Ripley, S.D. 1959. 8 pp.

Postilla 42
Character displacement in Indian nut-hatches (Sitta)
Ripley, S.D. 1959. 11 pp.

Postilla 43
Two new birds from Angola
Ripley, S.D. 1960. 3 pp.

Postilla 44
Sinopa from the Cuchara formation of Colorado
Robinson, P. 1960. 4 pp.

Postilla 45
Notes on the embryology and evolution of the Megapodes (Aves: Galliformes)
Clark, G.A., Jr. 1960. 7 pp.

Postilla 46
Fossil amphibians from Quarry Nine
Hecht, M.K. and R. Estes. 1960. 19 pp.

Postilla 47
Additions to the avifauna of northern Angola
Ripley, S.D. and G.H. Heinrich. 1960. 7 pp.

Postilla 48
Rodents and lagomorphs from the Miocene Fort Logan and Deep River Formation of Montana
Black, C.C. 1961. 20 pp.

Postilla 49
Results of research in the Antofagasta Ranges of Chile and Bolivia
Pena, L.E. and Ruth Patrick. 1961. 57 pp.

Postilla 50
The avifauna of Mount Katanglad
Ripley, S.D. and D.S. Rabor. 1961. 20 pp.

Postilla 51
The Crested Lizard Hawk (Aviceda jerdoni) in the Philippines
Parkes, K.C. 1961. 10 pp.

Postilla 52
Aegean bird notes I descriptions of new subspecies fromTurkey
Watson, G.E. III. 1961. 15 pp.

Postilla 53
The skull of Sciuravus nitidus, a Middle Eocene rodent
Dawson, M.R. 1961. 13 pp.

Postilla 54
The dentition of Ourayia: its bearing on relationships of omomyid prosimian
Simons, E.L. 1961. 20 pp.

Postilla 55
Notes on Sagitta friderici Ritter-Zahony collected off Peru
Tokioka, T. 1961. 16 pp.

Postilla 56
Notes on amphisbaenids (Amphisbaenia: Reptilia). 2. Amphisbaena occidentalis Cope from the coastal plain of northern Peru
Gans, C. 1961. 17 pp.

Postilla 57
The phyletic position of Ramapithecus
Simons, E.L. 1961. 9 pp.

Postilla 58
A new Devonian pelecypod from Alaska and its bearing on pterioid phylogeny
McAlester, A.L. 1962. 13 pp.

Postilla 59
Birds observed in the Imhoff gardens of Dhahran, and at Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia, 1959–1962
Eddy, M.G. 1962. 10 pp.

Postilla 60
Notes on a collection of birds from Surinam
Humphrey, P.S. and R. Freund. 1962. 11 pp.

Postilla 61
The affinities of the Pink-headed Duck (Rhodonessa caryophyllacea)
Humphrey, P.S. and S.D. Ripley. 1962. 21 pp.

Postilla 62
The cranial crests of hadrosaurian dinosaurs
Ostrom, J.H. 1962. 29 pp.

Postilla 63
Brief comments on the thrushes
Ripley, S.D. 1962. 5 pp.

Postilla 64
Two new primate species from the African Oligocent
Simons, E.L. 1962. 12 pp.

Postilla 65
Studies on speciation in maldanid polychaetes of the North American Atlantic coast. I. A taxonomic revision of three species of the subfamily Euclymeninae
Mangum, C.P. 1962. 12 pp.

Postilla 66
Snails on a Persian hillside: ecology-prehistory-gastronomy
Reed, C.A. 1962. 20 pp.

Postilla 67
New subspecies of birds from Luzon, Philippines
Parkes, K.S. 1962. 8 pp.

Postilla 68
Stomatopod Crustacea collected by the Yale Seychelles Expedition, 1957-1958
Manning, R.B. 1962. 15 pp.

Postilla 69
Notes on South American flamingoes
Pena, L.E. 1962. 8 pp.

Postilla 70
The A new cavernicolous pseudoscorpion belonging to genus Microcreagris
Muchmore, W.B. 1962. 6 pp.

Postilla 71
Scopelogadus(?) capistranensis, a new fossil melamphaid (Pisces: Teleostei) from Capistrano Beach, California
Ebeling, A.W. 1962. 6 pp.

Postilla 72
A Meroitic tomb inscription from Toshka West
Trigger, B.G. 1962. 12 pp.

Postilla 73
New birds from Palawan and Culion Islands, Philippines
Ripley, S.D. and D.S. Rabor. 1962. 16 pp.

Postilla 74
Revision of the type species of the Ordovician nuculoid pelecypod genus Tancrediopsis
McAlester, A.L. 1963. 19 pp.

Postilla 75
David Baldwin, O.C. Marsh and the discovery of the first continental Paleocene faunas of the New World
Simons, E.L. 1963. 11 pp.

Postilla 76
Molt and breeding in populations of the Sooty Tern, Sterna fuscata
Ashmole, N.P. 1963. 18 pp.

Postilla 77
A new peregrine falcon from the Cape Verde Islands, eastern Atlantic Ocean
Ripley, S.D. and G.E. Watson, 3rd. 1963. 4 pp.

Postilla 78
Ontogeny and evolution in the Megapodes (Aves: Galliformes)
Clarke, G.A., Jr. 1964. 37 pp.

Postilla 79
Noteworthy Amphipoda (Crustacea) in the collection of the Yale Peabody Museum
Mills, E.L. 1964. 41 pp.

Postilla 80
Cypria petenensis, a new name for the Ostracod Cypria pelagica Brehm 1932
Ferguson, E. Jr., G.E. Hutchinson and C. E. Goulden. 1964. 4 pp.

Postilla 81
On Filinia terminalis (Plate) and F. pejleri sp. n. (Rotatoria: Family Testudinellidae)
Hutchinson, G.E. 1964. 8 pp.

Postilla 82
A taxonomic revision of the distincta group of the wolf-spider genus Pardosa in America north of Mexico (Araneida, Lycosidae)
Vogel, B.R. 1964. 30 pp.

Postilla 83
Pseudodontornis and other large marine birds from the Miocene of South Carolina
Hopson, J.A. 1964. 19 pp.

Postilla 84
A natural history study of Krukur Oasis, Libyan Desert, Western Governate, Egypt. I. Introduction
Reed, C.A. 1964. 20 pp.

Postilla 85
A new oreodont from the Cabbage Patch local fauna, western Montana
Riel, S.J. 1964. 10 pp.

Postilla 86
Intracranial mobility in mosasaurs
Russell, D.A. 1964. 19 pp.

Postilla 87
The braincase of the advanced mammal-like reptile Bienotherium
Hopson, J.A. 1964. 30 pp.

Postilla 88
A functional analysis of jaw mechanics in the dinosaur Triceratops
Ostrom, J. 1964. 35 pp.

Postilla 89
A new North American noctuid of the genus Anomogyna (Insecta, Lepitdoptera)
Ferguson, D.D. 1965. 11 pp.

Postilla 90
A systematic study of the terrestrial birds of the Tres Marias Islands, Mexico
Grant, P.R. 1965. 106 pp.

Postilla 91
The red-yolked egg of the Touraco, Tauraco corythaix
Goldsmith, T.H. 1965. 7 pp.

Postilla 92
Imperial Sassanian hunting of pig and fallow-deer, and problems of survival of these animals today in Iran
Reed, C.A. 1965. 23 pp.

Postilla 93
A therian from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) of Texas
Slaughter, B.H. 1965. 18 pp.

Postilla 94
The late Cretaceous coleoid cephalopod Actinosepia canadensis Whiteaves
Waage, K.M. 1965. 33 pp.

Postilla 95
Additions to the avifauna of Northern Angola, II
Ripley, S.D. and G.D. Heinrich. 1966. 29 pp.

Postilla 96
Comments on the avifauna of Tanzania, I
Ripley, S.D. and G.H. Heinrich. 1966. 45 pp.

Postilla 97
A preliminary attempt to divide Chile into entomofaunal regions, based on the Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera)
Pena G, L.E. 1966. 17 pp.

Postilla 98
Further information on the relative length of the tarsus in land birds
Grant, P.R. 1966. 13 pp.

Postilla 99
Glyptolepis from the Middle Devonian of Scotland
Thomson, K.S. 1966. 10 pp.

Postilla 100
A natural history study of Kurkur Oasis, Libyan Desert, Egypt. IV. The Vegetation
Boulos, L. 1966. 22 pp.

Postilla 101
The meteorite and tektite collections of Yale University
Turekian, K.K. 1966. 6 pp.

Postilla 102
Two prehistoric archeological sites in Egyptian Nubia
Wendt, W.E. and C.A. Reed. 1966. 46 pp.

Postilla 103
A new species of clathriid sponge from the San Juan Archipelago
Simpson, T.L. 1966. 7 pp.

Postilla 104
Two new species of Clymenella (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) from Brazil
Mangum, C.P. 1966. 10 pp.

Postilla 105
Variation in the sternal notches of suboscine passeriform birds
Heimerdinger, M.A. and P.L. Ames. 1967. 44 pp.

Postilla 106
A new genus and species of marine dipnoan fish, from the Upper Devonian of Canada
Thomson, K.S. 1967. 6 pp.

Postilla 107
A revised list of Brazilian scleractinian corals and description of a new species
Laborel, J. 1967. 14 pp.

Postilla 108
Environmental factors influencing the distribution of Barbatia domingensis (Mollusca, Bivalvia) on the Bermuda Platform
Bretsky, S.S. 1967. 14 pp.

Postilla 109
Functional morphology of the masticatory apparatus of two dicynodonts (Reptilia, Therapsida)
Crompton, A.W. and N. Hotton III. 1967. 51 pp.

Postilla 110
Revision of Syncylonema (upper Cretaceous) and comparison with other small pectinid bivalves and Entolium
Speden, I.G. 1967. 36 pp.

Postilla 111
A fossil Colobus skull from the Sudan (Primates, Cercopithecidae)
Simons, E.L. 1967. 12 pp.

Postilla 112
A reappraisal of the North American species of the Siluro-Devonian trilobite genus Scotiella
Shergold, J.H. 1967. 20 pp.

Postilla 113
Revision of Neofibularia (Porifera, Demospongiae), a genus of toxic sponges from the West Indies and Australia
Hartman, W.D. 1967. 41 pp.

Postilla 114
The anatomy and systematic position of the antpipits, Conopophaga and Corythopis
Ames, P.L., M.A. Heimerdinger and S.L. Warter. 1968. 32 pp.

Postilla 115
A didelphid (Marsupialia) from the Early Eocene of Colorado
Simpson, G.G. 1968. 3 pp.

Postilla 116
The lower jaw of cynodonts (Reptilia, Therapsida) and the evolutionary origin of mammal-like adductor jaw musculature
Barghusen, H.R. 1968. 49 pp.

Postilla 117
A ?diapsid (Reptilia) parietal from the Lower Permian of Oklahoma
Carroll, R.L. 1968. 7 pp.

Postilla 118
Avian anatomical specimens in the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
Ames, P.L. and E.H. Stickney. 1968. 40 pp.

Postilla 119
A new sibling Papilio from the Rocky Mountains, with genetic and biological notes (Insecta, Lepidoptera)
Remington, C. 1968. 40 pp.

Postilla 120
Ectoproct and entoproct type material: reexamination of species from New England and Bermuda named by A.E. Verrill
Dawson W., E. Desor, R. Maturo, Jr. and T. Schopf. 1968. 95 pp.

Postilla 121
A new dinocephalian from the Cisuralian region (Reptilia, Therapsida; Upper Permian)
Tshudinov, P.K. 1968. 20 pp.

Postilla 122
Lung ventilation in dipnoan fishes
Thomson, K.S. 1968. 6 pp.

Postilla 123
A mandible of Indraloris (Primates, Lorisidae) from the Miocene of India
Tattersall, I. 1968. 10 pp.

Postilla 124
A new Devonian fish (Crossopterygii: Rhipidistia). Considered in relation of the origin of the Amphibia
Thomson, K.S. 1968. 13 pp.

Postilla 125
The relationships of the “Wren-Thrush”, Zeledonia coronata Ridgway
Sibley, C.G. 1968. 12 pp.

Postilla 126
Morphology and systematics of the Northern Dvina cynodonts (Reptilia, Therapsida; Upper Permian)
Tatrinov, L.P. 1968. 51 pp.

Postilla 127
Vertebral structure in Rhipidistia (Osteichthyes, Crossopterygii) with description of a new Permian genus
Thomson, K.S. and P.P. Vaughn. 1968. 19 pp.

Postilla 128

A new theropod dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Montana
Ostrom, J.H. 1969. 18 pp. Out-of-print.


This article is available in

Osteology of Deinonychus antirrhopus, an Unusual Theropod from the Lower Cretaceous of Montana
Ostrom, J.H. 2019. Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. Foreword by Jacques A. Gauthier.

196 pp. ISBN: 9781933789392 Order a print copy from Yale University Press here.

Postilla 129
A new genus and species of teiid lizard from Bolivia
Uzzell, T. 1969. 15 pp.

Postilla 130
Karyological heterogamety of deep-sea fishes
Chen, T.R. 1969. 29 pp.

Postilla 131
The pelvic musculature of the dinosaur Hypsilophodon (Reptilia: Ornithischia)
Galton, P.M. 1969. 64 pp.

Postilla 132
New species and records of shallow water Demospongiae from Barbados, West Indies
Hechtel, G.J. 1969. 38 pp.

Postilla 133
A probable pteridosperm with eremopterid foliage from the Allegheny Group of northern Pennsylvania
Delevoryas, T. and T.N. Taylor. 1969. 14 pp.

Postilla 134
Comments on the avifauna of Tanzania, II
Ripley, S.D. and G.H. Heinrich. 1969. 21 pp.

Postilla 135
The status of the genera Ecpleopus, Arthroseps, and Aspidolaeumus (Sauria, Teiidae)
Uzzell, T. 1969. 23 pp.

Postilla 136
New species and synonomy in the genus Meleoma (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae), with a discussion of genitalic homologies
Adams, P.A. 1969. 18 pp.

Postilla 137
New genera and species of coralline sponges (Porifera) from Jamaica
Hartman, W.D. 1969. 39 pp.

Postilla 138
Gigantopithecus (Pongidae, Hominoidea) a new species from northern India
Simons, E.L. and S.R.K. Chopra. 1969. 18 pp.

Postilla 139
Occlusion in Docodon Mammalia (Docodonta)
Jenkins, F.A., Jr. 1969. 24 pp.

Postilla 140
The anatomy and internal architecture of the muscles of mastication in Didelphis marsupialis
Hiiemae, K. and F.A. Jenkins, Jr. 1969. 49 pp.

Postilla 141
A new genus and species of Osmylidae (Neuroptera) from Chile and Argentina, with a discussion of planipennian genitalic homologies
Adams, P.A. 1969. 11 pp.

Postilla 142
Teiid lizards of the genus Proctoporus from Bolivia and Peru
Uzzell, T. 1970. 39 pp.

Postilla 143
Sharpness of teeth in man and other primates
Every, R. G. 1970. 30 pp.

Postilla 144
The taxonomic status of quill worms, genus Hyalinoecia (Polychaeta: Onuphidae), from the North American Atlantic continental slope
Mangum, C.P. and W.R. Rhodes. 1970. 13 pp.

Postilla 145
Generic status of the Inoceramus ? tegulatus species group (Bivalvia) of the latest Cretaceous of North America and Europe
Speden, I.G. 1970. 45 pp.

Postilla 146
Morphological variation in Gammarus minus Say (Amphiopoda, Gammeridae), with emphasis on subterranean forms
Hosinger, J. and D.C. Culver. 1970. 24 pp.

Postilla 147
Notogoneus osculus Cope, an Eocene fish from Wyoming (Gonorynchiformes, Gonorynichidae)
Perkins, P.L. 1970. 18 pp.

Postilla 148
A review of the new world Dilaridae
Adams, P.A. 1970. 30 pp.

Postilla 149
Intracranial movement in the coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Smith (Osteichthyes, Crossopterygii)
Thomson, K.S. 1970. 12 pp.

Postilla 150
A new Triassic cycad and its phyletic implications
Delevoryas, T. and R.C. Hope. 1971. 20 pp.

Postilla 151
The form and functions of the avicularia of Bugula (Phylum Ectoprocta)
Kaufman, K.W. 1971. 6 pp.

Postilla 152
Functional significance of mandibular translation in vertebrate jaw mechanics
Gingerich, P.D. 1971. 10 pp.

Postilla 153
On the systematic position of Macelognathus vagans
Ostrom, J.H. 1971. 10 pp.

Postilla 154
Leposoma percarinatum, a unisexual species related to L. guianense ; and Leposoma ioanna, a new species from Pacific coastal Colombia (Sauria, Teiidae)
Uzzell, T. and J.C. Barry. 1971. 39 pp.

Postilla 155
A new tillodont from the Eocene Upper Willwood formation of Wyoming
Rose, K. D. 1972. 13 pp.

Postilla 156
Some shallow water ahermatypic corals from Bermuda
Wells, J.W. 1972. 10 pp.

Postilla 157
New evidence on the evolution of the paired fins of Rhipidista and the origin of the tetrapod limb, with description of a new genus of Osteolepidae
Thomson, K.S. 1972. 7 pp.

Postilla 158
Dentition of the Early Eocene primates, Niptomomys and Absarokius
Bown, T.M. and P.D. Gingerich. 1972. 10 pp.

Postilla 159
A revision of lizards of the genus Prionodactylus, with a new genus for P. leucostictus and notes on the genus Euspondylus (Sauria, Teiidae)
Uzzell, T. 1973. 67 pp.

Postilla 160
Beecher's Trilobite Bed revisited: ecology of an Ordovician deepwater fauna
Cisne, J.L. 1973. 25 pp.

Postilla 161
The systematics of some Jamaican excavating sponges (Porifera)
Pang, R.K. 1973. 75 pp.

Postilla 162
Description of immature stages of Philolithus densicollis and Stenomorpha puncticollis with notes on their biology (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Tentyriinae)
Brown, K.W. 1973. 28 pp.

Postilla 163
A new Oligocene hyrax from the Jebel El Qatrani formation, Fayum, Egypt
Meyer, G.E. 1973. 11 pp.

Postilla 164
Exosphaeroma crenulatum (Richardson), a junior synonym of Dynamenella perforata (Moore) (Crustacea: Isopoda)
Glynn, P.W. 1974. 6 pp.

Postilla 165
The pectoral girdle and forelimb function of Deinonychus (Reptilia: Saurischia): A correction
Ostrom, J.H. 1974. 11 pp.

Postilla 166
Parapithecus grangeri (Parapithicidae, Old World higher primates) new species from the Oligocene of Egypt and the initial differentiation of Ceropithecoidea
Simons, E.E. 1974. 12 pp.

Postilla 167
A Pacific tabulate sponge, living representative of a new order of sclerosponges
Hartman, W.D. and T.F. Goreau. 1975. 21 pp.

Postilla 168
A new species of Apterodon (Mammalia, Creodonta) from the Upper Eocene Qasr El-Sagha formation of Egypt
Simons, E.L. and P.L. Gingerich. 1976. 9 pp.

Postilla 169
Prosauropod dinosaurs (Reptilia: Saurischia) of North America
Galton, P.M. 1976. 98 pp.

Postilla 170
Specialized scales in the cloacal region of two Paleozoic fishes (Crosspterygii)
Thomson, K.S., J.S. Rackoff and J.S. Darling. 1976. 6 pp.

Postilla 171
Taxonomy and ecology of the Philobryidae and Limopsidae (Mollusca: Pelecypoda)
Tevesz, M.J.S. 1977. 64 pp.

Postilla 172
An unusual new mammal from the Early Eocene of Wyoming
Rose, K.D., T.M. Bown and E.L. Simons. 1977. 10 pp.

Postilla 173
Osteology of the American Plaice, Hippoglossoides platessoides
Frame, D.W. , T.J. Andrews and C.F. Cole. 1978. 32 pp.

Postilla 174
Biogenic structures of black shale paleoenvironments
Byers, C.W. 1979. 43 pp.

Postilla 175
Diversification and biogeography of the one-toed horses Onohippidium and Hippidion
MacFadden, B.J. and M.F. Skinner. 1979. 10 pp.

Postilla 176
A new aquatic Eosuchian from the Newark Supergroup (Late Triassic) of North Carolina and Virginia
Olsen, P.E. 1979. 14 pp.

Postilla 177
Revision of the genus Palatobaena (Testudines, Baenidae), with the description of a new species
Archibald, J.D. and J.H. Hutchison. 1979. 19 pp.

Postilla 178
A revision of the genus Metaxaglaea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae, Cuculliinae) with descriptions of two new species
Schweitzer, D.F. 1979. 35 pp.

Postilla 179
Miocene sediments and faunas of Pakistan
Pilbeam, D.R., A.K. Behrensmeyer, J.C. Barry, and S.M. Ibrahim Shah (eds.). 1979. 45 pp.

Postilla 180
Devonian vertebrates from Australia
Giffin, E.B. 1980. 15 pp.

Postilla 181
Miocene hominoids from Pakistan
Pilbeam, D.R., M.D. Rose, C. Badgley and B. Lipschutz. 1980. 94 pp.

Postilla 182
Taxonomic status of Eohyus Marsh, 1894
Lucas, S.G. 1980. 6 pp.

Postilla 183
A geologic and biostratigraphic framework for Miocene sediments near Khaur Village, northern Pakistan
Barry, J.C., A.K. Behrensmeyer, M. Monaghan. 1980. 19 pp.

Postilla 184
A new genus and species of Sphaeromatidae (Crustacea: Isopoda) with experiments and observations on its reproductive biology, interspecific interactions and color polymorphisms
Buss, L.W. and E.W. Iverson. 1981. 24 pp.

Postilla 185
A new species of Conoryctella (Mammalia: Taeniodonta) from the Paleocene of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, and a revision of the genus
Schoch, R.M. and S.G. Lucas. 1981. 23 pp.

Postilla 186
An Early Triassic hybodont shark from northern Madagascar
Thomson, K.S. 1982. 16 pp.

Postilla 187
The relationships of the Yellow-breasted Chat (Icteria virens) and the alleged slowdown in the rate of macromolecular evolution in birds
Sibley, C. G. and J. E. Ahlquist. 1982. 19 pp.

Postilla 188
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