Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection

The Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection published scientific articles and monographs on marine and freshwater organisms and oceanography. In the 1920s New York City businessman Harry Payne Bingham, a graduate of Yale, sponsored 3 oceanographic expeditions for fish and invertebrate specimens for his own private research collection. In 1927, Bingham established the Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection to publish the research on his specimens. In 1930, Bingham donated the entire collection to the Yale Peabody Museum and set up the Bingham Oceanographic Foundation to continue the research in marine biology and oceanography, and to publish the results.

The series was merged with and continued in the Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History after Volume 19, Article 2 (1967). These publications are out of print; this listing is offered as an information service only.

The Yale Peabody Museum also distributes Fishes of the Western North Atlantic, published by the Sears Foundation for Marine Research at Yale University, which also publishes the Journal of Marine Research.

The following articles from Volume 15 are available as a free download, courtesy of the Long Island Sound Research Center, and the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University:


Riley, Gordon A. and others. 1956. Oceanography of Long Island Sound,

1952–1954. Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection 15.

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Harry Payne Bingham 1887–1955, pp. 4–8
[PDF 1.4 MB]

I. Introduction, Gordon A. Riley, pp. 9–14
[PDF 1.7 MB]

II. Physical Oceanography,
Gordon A. Riley, pp. 15–46
[PDF 6 MB]

III. Chemical Oceanography,
Gordon A. Riley and Shirley A. M. Conover, pp. 47–61
[PDF 2.9 MB]

IV. Phytoplankton,
Shirley A. M. Conover, pp. 62–112
[PDF 8.7 MB]

V. Zooplankton,
Georgiana B. Deevey, pp. 113–155
[PDF 6.9 MB]

VI. Biology of Acartia clausi and A. tonsa,
Robert J. Conover, pp. 156–233
[PDF 12.7 MB]

VII. Pelagic Fish Eggs and Larvae,
Sarah B. Wheatland, pp. 234–314
[PDF 13.5 MB]

VIII. Chemical Composition of the Plankton,
Eugene Harris and Gordon A. Riley, pp. 315–323
[PDF 2.1 MB]

IX. Production and Utilization of Organic Matter,
Gordon A. Riley, pp. 324–344
[PDF 3.8 MB]

X. Biology of Marine Bottom Communities,
Howard L. Sanders, pp. 345–414
[PDF 11.1 MB]