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Further Resources
Further Resources


Further Resources

These other sites can help you learn more about the Tree of Life:



University of California Museum of Paleontology
This extensive web site has a lot of interesting and accessible information about the Tree of Life including:

their online exhibit, History of Life Through Time:


The Understanding Evolution web site, that provides a comprehensive overview of evolution, and resources for K-16 students and educators:


What did T. rex taste like?, an educational model that introduces students to building and interpreting phylogenetic trees:




The American Museum of Natural History’s web site for kids ages seven through twelve includes an interactive tree of life:




Tree of Life Web Project
A collaborative effort of biologists from around the world there are more than 9,000 pages providing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history and characteristics. The “Treehouses” are pages designed for “kids, teachers, and the young at heart.”




All in the Family
Part of a collection of educational resources developed for the PBS Evolution series, this interactive tutorial about how all living things are related through the Tree of Life, and the importance of shared ancestry rather than organisms’ physical characteristics:





Assembling the Tree of Life
This brochure from the National Science Foundation summarizes the practical importance of Tree of Life research:






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