Seeing Nature Through Art
D. Petrochko, used with permission
Copyright, YPM
J. Prentice, used with permission

Now on-line!! See link below.

Artists that specialize in the natural sciences illustrate our world, inviting us to see it with new eyes.  In this exhibition of more than 30 works of art, the instructors of the Yale Peabody Museum Natural Science Illustration Program capture subjects ranging from the feathered dinosaur Anchiornis to the devastating effects of trash.  These are executed in a variety of media from graphite to watercolor to digital art.


In 2010, the Peabody Museum formed a partnership with four professional Connecticut artists to found a program in natural science illustration with a goal to teach the art and science of illustrating the natural world.  The Museum, with its world class exhibits and extensive specimen collections, provides the subjects while the instructors bring their artistic talent and patient teaching skills to a program that serves artists of all abilities.  Adult students can pursue a combined interest in art and nature using the unique settings of the Peabody Museum, Yale natural properties and Yale's West Campus in Orange and West Haven as their classroom. 


Seeing Nature Through Art is now available as an on-line exhibition, enhanced with more information about the artists and additional examples of their work!  Click here to access the exhibition.  


More information about the Natural Science Illustration Program