The Hall of Native American Cultures

The Hall of Native American Cultures showcases 360 objects from the Peabody’s substantial Native American collections in the Division of Anthropology. The latest installations of the Plains and Southwest sections compliment the recently renovated Northwest Pacific Coast and Arctic culture exhibits.


Showcased are a range of materials, from the tools of daily life—including Blackfoot, Apache and Sioux clothing, Cheyenne games, a Crow saddle, Navaho blankets, Zuni and Hopi pottery, and Pima basketry—to impressive historical pieces, such as the headdress and pipe of Oglala chief Red Cloud presented to O.C. Marsh in gratitude for his role in exposing corruption at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


The Hall of Native American Cultures, renovated and reopened on November 4, 2000, was made possible by the generosity of donors Arnold Alderman, owner of Oil Equipment Manufacturing Corporation, and his wife Lucille Alderman. The Aldermans shared a long-standing interest in Native American cultures and were dedicated to educating others about the history and traditions of the native peoples of the American West.