China’s Feathered Dinosaurs
The foot of Confuciusornis


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This very special exhibition of rare fossil specimens of 120-million-year-old “feathered” animals discovered in Liaoning Province, China, was held at the Yale Peabody Museum from February 13 through May 9, 1999, in their only appearance in the northeastern U.S. These finds constitute, in the words of Peabody Curator Emeritus John H. Ostrom, “the biggest event in evolutionary science since Darwin put forth his theory,” and provide compelling evidence that birds evolved from dinosaurs.


The Chinese Fossils


Organized by The National Geographic Society

Jacques A. Gauthier

Research Assistant
Alan Gishlick

Exhibition Design
John A. Maisano

Walter Brenckle, Robert Charlesworth,
Maishe Dickman, Eric Hoag, Tony Kobylanski

Sally H. Pallatto

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Brianna Babani, Ryan Karels, Diane Lonardelli

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Ken Yellis

Rosemary Volpe, Ken Yellis

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Armand Morgan, Robin Parkinson

Jacques A. Gauthier, O. Louis Mazzatenta, William K. Sacco

Video Editing
John Schilke

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Gene Kimball

“The Flight Stroke of Birds” (film)
Courtesy of Division of Biology and Medicine, Brown University, and the Flight Laboratory, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana

“Dinosaurs in Your Garden”
Courtesy of BBC Worldwide Sales

The Peabody Museum is grateful to the National Geographic Society,
The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Field Museum of Natural History and The National Geological Museum of China


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