Children's Nature Books: Connecticut's Legacy



An enchanting exhibition featuring authors and illustrators from Worthington Hooker and Harriet Beecher Stowe to Hugh Lofting (“Doctor Dolittle”), John Himmelmann, Lynn Reiser and Jean Zallinger


The Yale Peabody Museum presents Children’s Nature Books: Connecticut’s Legacy, an enchanting exhibit experience that will delight the entire family. Sponsored by Fleet Bank, this exhibition brings to life the wonder of nature through the stories, original illustrations and rare memorabilia of such past and present Connecticut authors and illustrators as the 19th-century figures Worthington Hooker and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and 20th-century notables Hugh Lofting (of “Doctor Dolittle” fame), John Himmelman, Lynn Reiser and Jean Zallinger.

Complemented by specimens drawn from the Peabody Museum’s rich collections, the exhibit and its accompanying events express the reverence of and responsibility for the natural world that are so much a part of our state’s legacy. Visitors enter the exhibit by walking into a book, and find inside vivid images—such as an oversized luna moth silhouetted against the moon—that translate evocative scenes from the pages of children’s books from two dimensions into three. Children, parents and grandparents, too, will remember Swizzle, Jip, Gub-Gub, Dab-Dab, Polynesia and the many other colorful figures, animal and human, from the curious and elaborate world of Doctor Dolittle. Delight in reading the whimsical letters Lofting wrote to amuse his children in America while he fought on the Western front during the First World War. These letters are filled with witty drawings never before exhibited. Visitors of all ages will want to share in the wonderful lessons Doctor Dolittle and his magical characters teach us—respect and caring for our world and all the living things in it.


Sponsored by Fleet Bank

Images courtesy of the estate of Hugh Lofting and the Lofting family. Not to be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved.