Invasion of the Bloodsuckers: Bedbugs and Beyond
Teacher Resource
Teacher Resources

"To Be...or Not to Be…an Insect!"

Taxonomy and characteristics of arachnids and insects are reviewed in this lesson. Also includes vocabulary and a Treasure Hunt for bloodsucker facts on exhibit panels.


"Bloodsucking Adaptations"

Survival advantages of blood feeding are examined in this matching activity. Study exhibit panels to discover how adaptations made some insects and arachnids better blood feeders.


"Mr. Insect Head Mouthparts Mask"

Create a 3D foldable model of primitive insect mouthparts to learn about structure and function. Introduces the "Evolution of Blood-feeding Mouthparts" animation.


"Mrs. Mosquito Head Mouthparts Model"

Use common household objects to design a functional model of piercing and sucking mouthparts of the female mosquito. Enhances the "Evolution of Blood-feeding Mouthparts" animation.


"Stages of Metamorphosis Fortune Teller Game"

Fold a classic origami fortuneteller and answer questions to review facts about incomplete vs. complete metamorphosis and stages of insect development. A good grade will be in your students’ future!


"One Life Cycle to Live"

Study the life cycles of bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas, and lice with these question and answer lessons. Also includes an in depth study of the deer tick life cycle with questions and vocabulary matching.