A Peabody Research Spotlight

Tree-hugging Lemurs:

A Cool Way to Deal with Heat

Friday, September 4, 2020, at 4:00 pm


With Chloe Chen-Kraus, ’20 PhD (Anthropology)
Zoom webinar

Join us and find out about Verreaux’s sifakas—a highly arboreal lemur species—and their interesting "terrestrial tree hugging" behavior. Resting on the ground is risky for sifakas, so this behavior is perplexing. Yale researcher Chloe Chen-Kraus and her colleagues were curious to know why the sifakas do this. They discovered that the sifakas only tree hug during the high heat of the late dry season. It turns out that the bases of the trees are cooler than other places in the environment. Tree hugging may be a way for sifakas to regulate body temperature when they are hot!


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