Paleo-Knowledge Bowl XXII
Torosaurus illustration by Armand Morgan.© 2006 Yale Peabody Museum. All rights reserved.


Hopkins School

Paleo Knowledge Bowl XXII: On-Line Edition

Like a thunderous herd of sauropods, nothing stops the Paleo Knowledge Bowl!

While the coronavirus has made it necessary to cancel our Paleo Knowledge Bowl event scheduled for Sunday April 19, it's also provided an opportunity for us to open up the Paleo Knowledge Bowl to everyone by moving it on-line!  So here's a chance to see how you compare against the 4th, 5th and 6th graders who would have been competing in Paleo Knowledge Bowl XXII.  Below are links to three rounds of the actual questions that would have been featured in this year's event.  And we've thrown in a bonus question as an extra challenge.  Enjoy and good luck!


PKB 2020 Round 1 (10 questions)


PKB 2020 Round 2  (10 questions)


PKB 2020 Round 3 (10 questions)


PKB 2020 BONUS Question