Natures Narrators: The 2017-18 John H. Ostrom Program Series
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Seeing Below the Surface: Combining Science and Art to Expose and Protect Antarctica

With Ari Friedlaender

Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Yale Peabody Museum

Free admission

Antarctica is the most remote, inhospitable, and untamed wilderness on the planet. Despite this harsh facade, this southernmost continent has been scarred by human activity. Currently the Antarctic Peninsula is warming more rapidly than nearly any other region on the planet. A combination of environmental stresses threatens the structure and function of the Antarctic ecosystem and the survival of many species that are uniquely adapted for life in such a hostile environment. In this talk Ari Friedlaender will share his experiences as a scientist, artist, and educator to see below the surface and present a fragile but resilient Antarctica.