The 2019-2020 John H. Ostrom Lecture Series
Julia Clarke


The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs

Julia Clarke

The John A. Wilson Professor in Vertebrate Paleontology, The University of Texas at Austin, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor


Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 5:30 pm

David Friend Hall


How do we go beyond bones to bring extinct dinosaurs to life? What did dinosaurs sound or look like when they roamed the Earth? Julia Clarke (’02 PhD, Geology & Geophysics) uses new tools to study the evolution of dinosaurs—including birds. Learn how international field teams in Antarctica, South America, and Asia led by Clarke are bringing together data on living animals to ask new questions of the fossil record.


Free Admission


The John H. Ostrom 2019-2020 Lecture Series is sponsored by the Trumbull Lectureship and the Office of the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Yale University