The John H. Ostrom Program Series

Charles R. Knight: The Artist Who Saw Through Time

With Richard Milner


Thursday, May 9 at 5:30 pm

Free admission


Richard Milner of the American Museum of Natural History has authored a new biography of Charles R. Knight (1874–1953), the famed Brooklyn-born paleoartist and muralist who “invented” our visions of dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric peoples.

Milner’s illustrated talk takes us back to the early days of the American Museum and the Bronx Zoo, where Knight sketched a thousand species of living animals before working with paleontologists to bring dry fossil bones back to life. This full-color art book, Charles R. Knight: The Artist Who Saw Through Time (Abrams, 2012), presents the most complete compilation of Knight’s famous works, as well as many “lost” images never before published. Knight’s paintings inspired generations of scientists and filmmakers, as well as children’s imaginations — and the Rudolph Zallinger murals in the Yale Peabody Museum.


Rhoda Knight Kalt, the artist’s granddaughter, will share childhood reminiscences of “Toppy.”


Book signing to follow