Museum Talk

Another Way Is Possible: Forging a Path to Preserving a Sustainable Planet

With Jacqui Patterson - Sunday, January 19 at 4:00 pm

Yale Peabody Museum

Free Admission


Superstorm Sandy, access to fruits and vegetables, and the electricity we use every day are just three of the unlikely, yet interconnected, elements of our lives.  Currently hyper-consumerism and corporate manipulation of the political landscape have combined to put us on a dangerous course of disregard for the environment on which we depend.  However, it is not too late to use transformative measures to change our systems from ones that value profits over people.  Implementing models of local self-reliance such as community-owned energy recycling and local food production are examples of the keys to a society and a world that uplifts our collective rights to clean air, water and land, and to health, sustainable livelihoods, safe habitats, cultural preservation and general well-being for all.