Yale Peabody Museum Gallery Talk
Jessica Thompson (Photo by Jacob Davis)
Neanderthal reconstruction by Michael Anderson


What a Neanderthal's Rubbish Bin Can Tell Us About How They Lived

Jessica Thompson

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Yale University


Thursday, September 26 at 4:30 pm (time changed from 4:00 pm)

Yale Peabody Museum


Old bones and stones are often all that is left at sites where we know Neanderthals once lived. What can these tell us about our ancient relatives? And were they really that different from ourselves?


Jessica Thompson specializes in human evolution, and especially those aspects that can be revealed through the analysis of ancient animal bones found at archaeological sites (zooarchaeology). She leads the Malawi Ancient Lifeways and Peoples Project in Malawi, central Africa, where she has maintained a field site since 2009.


Refreshments to follow. Free admission.