Yale Peabody Museum Gallery Talk
Portrait of Charles Schuchert

“He Mapped the Ancient Seas and Fathomed the Geologic Past”

Charles Schuchert (1856-1942)

Tim White

Director of Collections and Research, Yale Peabody Museum


Thursday, March 22, 4:00 pm

David Friend Hall, Yale Peabody Museum


Join Peabody’s Tim White, Director of Collections and Research, for a gallery talk about Charles Schuchert, one of Yale’s earliest paleontologists who headed the Museum early in the 20th century. Tim will use material from the Museum’s collections, including a portrait of Schuchert, to illustrate the scientific legacy of his ground-breaking research in paleogeography and discuss his connections to the “Monuments Men” of World War II and Admiral Peary’s trips to the North Pole.


Refreshments to follow. Free admission.