Frequently Asked Questions

....About West Campus Programs

Is a list of your programs available?

A wide variety of school programs are offered at the Yale Peabody Museum Community Education Center at West Campus.  Programs change seasonally, with fall programs available September through November, winter programs offered January through March, and spring programs offered April through June.  Click HERE for a list of current program offerings.


Can I request a program not on the list?

We will do our best to accommodate requests outside the scope of our current program offerings, provided the requested program goals are part of the CT science curriculum content.  Before contacting us, please check to see if the subject matter you would like covered is included in a Peabody Museum program offered in New Haven.


Who do I contact to schedule a program?

To register for a program or for additional information, call Education Coordinator Tom Parlapiano at (203)737-3065 or send an e-mail to  If you wish to receive a return call at your school, please leave the school’s phone number or your cell phone number and the best time to reach you during the day (lunch, professional period, etc.).


What time are the programs?

Programs can be booked for mornings or afternoons.  Most morning programs begin around 10 o’clock; most afternoon programs begin around 1PM (though programs can be moved a little earlier or later to accommodate your schedule).


Can a program accommodate more than one class at a time?

The ideal group size for most programs is 20-25.  For certain programs, multiple classes can be accommodated.  Larger groups often require additional instructors, which in turn takes more time to coordinate.  Please take this into account when requesting dates for multiple classes.


Can I get a rain date?

Many West Campus programs are outdoors or indoors/outdoors.  At the current time, unless a program meets indoors, rain will usually cancel the program.  Given the number of requests for programs at the Community Education Center, we cannot reserve a rain date for each scheduled program.  If you are unsure of conditions at West Campus, please call 203-737-3065.


Where do I tell the bus driver to bring us?

All buses should enter Yale’s West Campus at the Frontage Road gate in Orange.  Yale Security or a Peabody instructor will meet you at the gate and direct your bus to the appropriate drop off point.  Click HERE for directions.