Current Program Offerings

Seasonal School Programs at West Campus

The Yale Peabody Museum Community Education Center offers a variety of programs aligned with the Connecticut Science Core Framework for grades K to 12.  Click on the program title for additional information including the curriculum standards addressed by the program.



Fall Programs

Offered September 15-December 15

Fall Nature Walk

Learn how plants and animals prepare for winter


Introduction to Trees

Discover the vital role of trees in our forests and our neighborhoods


Soil Studies

Explore soil to learn its composition, properties and origins


Ecology: Birds of Prey

Encounter the biological and behavioral adaptations that make birds of prey successful



Winter Programs

Offered January 15-March 15

Winter Nature Walk

Investigate the winter survival strategies of plants and animals in winter


Geology: Rocks & Minerals

Explore rock types, the rock cycle and the geologic history of Connecticut


Properties of Minerals

Perform basic scientific tests to determine the properties of common minerals


Ecology: Owls of Connecticut

Discover the unique characteristics of owls


Owl Pellet Investigation

Learn about owl food webs by dissecting an owl pellet



Spring Programs

Offered April 1-June 15

 Spring Nature Walk

Watch life return to the Connecticut forest


Introduction to Plants: Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

Learn about flowering plants and the plant life cycle


Animal Adaptations

Investigate evolution and the changes produced through natural selection


Wetland Habitats & Food Webs

Uncover the interactions of living and non-living factors in a forested wetland


Ecology: Neo-Tropical Songbirds

Observe and document the behaviors of neo-tropical songbirds migrating north from their winter homes