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Tour of the Day

Join us for a Tour of the Day! These themed tours focus on specific Yale Peabody Museum exhibitions and are offered occasionally on weekends. Tours are led by enthusiastic Yale graduate students and other knowledgeable volunteers. You’ll learn fascinating information about familiar Peabody specimens.


Free with regular admission. Meet in the Peabody lobby.


Upcoming Schedule:  Spring 2020

Saturday, 4/182:30 pmWhy Museums?
Sunday, 4/192:30 pmWhy Museums?
Sunday, 4/262:30 pmThe Amazing Birds of Connecticut


Tour Themes


Why Museums?

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History has impressive displays, but is this the only reason why museums collect specimens? Discover the secret life of natural history museums and learn why collections are important. Your guide through this tour of the Peabody’s Study Gallery is Collections Assistant Oliver Orr, a recent Yale College graduate. All ages welcome!


The Amazing Birds of Connecticut

Birds are all around us: flying overhead, perching in trees, and filling the morning with birdsong. We can get a much better appreciation of birds if we just take a closer look. Join us on this child and adult friendly tour of the Hall of Connecticut Birds and rediscover local bird species, from puffins to plovers and owls to ospreys. When not at the Peabody, Yale junior Cory Wu is studying biochemistry and conducting research in the Department of Pharmacology at the Yale School of Medicine. Cory also volunteers as an EMT in Trumbull, Connecticut.


Jewels of the Earth

Here in David Friend Hall, Peabody’s state-of-the-art gem and mineral gallery, you will be amazed by the dazzling and breathtaking specimens from all around the world. This 30-minute exploration of natural wonders will not only show you the beauty, but also the physics and chemistry, of diamonds, opals, amethysts, and more. The tour is open to all ages! Your tour guide Qianhong Zhu is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Yale’s Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, focusing on developing new materials for water treatment applications. Image: Quartz, variety amethyst with calcite. Gift of David Friend (YC '69). Credit: Robert Lorenz


Ancient Climate Change

People sometimes say, "the climate's changed before," but what does that mean? Take a billion-year journey through our exhibits to learn about some of Earth's most extreme climate changes, how they affected life, and what processes caused them. Why was it so warm when dinosaurs ruled the planet? Did you know there was a time when Earth froze solid? Your tour guide is Daniel Gaskell, a third-year doctoral candidate in paleontology who specializes in using microscopic fossils to figure out the earth's ancient climate.