Lesson Plans & Activities
specimen kit for 10.5 curriculum unit

The lesson plans, activities and supporting documents on this page were developed by teachers and Peabody Museum staff during many teacher workshops and professional development institutes.  They are here for you to reference, explore and download. © YPM. All rights reserved.


Elementary School Science Units

World of Plants - Plant Science (2nd Grade)

Migration in the Balance - Food Webs (4th Grade)

Invaders! - Invasion Ecology (6th Grade) 


Middle School Science Units

Earth Sciences – Connecticut Geology Guide 

Earth Sciences – CT Rocks! Virtual Field Investigations  Contact us for passwords 


High School Science Units

Climate and Emerging Infections - Vector Borne Disease Investigations (includes information on viruses ad disease transmission)

Biodiversity and Global Change – Lobster Die-off! 

Biodiversity and Human Health – Vector-Borne Disease 

Strength in Numbers - measuring and analyzing variation in a population


High School Social Studies Units

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (2012-2015)

Las Artes de México  Curriculum and Pre-visit Materials (pdf, 873 KB) 


Other Yale Peabody Museum curricula:

Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas (Grade 4 through High School)

Social Studies Curriculum (pdf, 2.65 MB)  Science Curriculum (pdf, 2.25 MB)


© YPM. All rights reserved.



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