Museum Highlights Programs

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History is pleased to offer On-Line Highlights Programs during the renovation

The Peabody Museum is closed to the public during its 3 year renovation, but you can still enjoy its exhibits, specimens and history through our unique highlights tours and specialty programs offered on Zoom.  The Museum Highlights Program will delve into the Peabody Museum's past, present and future, while the Age of Reptiles Mural Program focuses on Rudy Zallinger's award winning work of art that forever changed the Museum's Great Hall.  Both programs will provide new insights into the Museum and its unique place in the history of evolution.  Presentations are approximately 45 minutes long and led by museum staff.  There will be an additional 15 minutes for questions at the end of the program. 


Programs are just $150 and must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.  Day, evening and weekend program times are available.  Contact Elizabeth at with questions, or to make your reservations.